Best Swiss Watches – Comparison Chart

August 17, 2014

If you are looking for very stable and world renown watches, you should be looking into watches that are the best swiss watches.

  • The quality is top notch and the style of the Swiss movement watch is amazing.
  • Nevertheless, it is always best to compare the different wrist watches available that are classified as Swiss authentic watches so that you can make to an educated buying decision regarding the most popular swiss watches.

The comparison chart below will highlight the different aspects of a typical consumer watch in order to help you to narrow down the best choice for your budget and good match based on your personality to acquire the best picks for swiss watches for you personally.

Swiss Watches
Case Material
Band Material
Water Resistant Depth
Invicta 8932
invicta pro diver
Stainless SteelStainless SteelJapanese Quartz660 feet$4
Invicta 8932ob
invicta best watch
Stainless SteelStainless SteelJapanese Automatic660 feet$4.5
Stuhrling 395.33U16
the best stuhrling watch
Stainless SteelStainless SteelSwiss Quartz660 feet$4.5
Bulova 96B104
Stainless SteelCalfskinJapanese Quartz99 feet$4.5
Stuhrling 395.33b11
stuhrling 395.33b11 best watch review
Stainless Steel Stainless SteelSwiss Quartz660 feet$4.5
Wenger 72908
the wenger 72908 military swiss watch
Stainless Steel Stainless SteelSwiss Quartz330 feet $$4.0
Bulova 98H37
best bulova watch reviews
Stainless SteelStainless SteelJapanese Quartz330 feet$$4.4
Nautica watch n18523g
best nautica
Stainless SteelResinJapanese Quartz330 feet$$5.0
tag heuer Wah1010.ba0854
the tag heuer wah1010
Stainless SteelStainless SteelSwiss Quartz660 feet$$$4.6
Omega 3750.50.00
omega mens watch 3750.50.00
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Mechanical Hand Wind165 feet$$$$4.4

Ultimate Swiss Watch Comparison Guide and its Respective Key :

$ – up to $100

$$- $101 to $500

$$$ – $501 to $1000

$$$$ – more than $1000

These above watches obviously only is a sampling of the Swiss brands available on the market today.

There are so many choices that a buyer can make, that it would be almost impossible to create an exhaustive comparison chart on the top swiss made watches. However, the best watch picks give you a wide range of price, not just only the best selection of swiss watches under 500. As well as a large choice of the Swiss manufacturers.

The idea of what is the top characteristic that makes a product Swiss is often misunderstood.

  1. Many of the top Swiss made watches are not even made in Switzerland; the Swiss name is not a brand, nor is it a model.
  2. It is a standard, which all products bearing its name must meet or exceed. Watches (not army knives, contrary to popular belief) are the most common products branded with the Swiss name, and they have specific legal requirements that must be met.
  3. Although, the swiss army watch is popular.

Watches can be manufactured elsewhere, but they must be inspected for quality control in Switzerland before being released to the market.

  • The watch’s movement (essentially the engine of the device) must be crafted and encased in Switzerland, and is generally given the spotlight in advertisements.
  • Most of the top selling Swiss brands make it a point to indicate somewhere directly on the watch that its movements are Swiss – this is, after all, what separates them in quality from lesser companies.

Why We Love Swiss

  • In the past, watches were highly sought-after novelties of technology. After the passage of many years they became commonplace and, for a time, almost a necessary part of life.
  • Today, watches have died out for the most part, and even “nice” watches tend to be made of cheap parts with a polished exterior.

The top Swiss made watches are renowned for their accuracy and longevity.

  1. Each device is masterfully engineered to function gracefully while allowing for a stylish casing.
  2. This type of watch is not a simple device to buy and throw away when it is all used up; it is a beautiful accessory, a modern homage to a history of quality – something to treasure that will serve one for a lifetime and can be proudly passed down to future generations.

On the other hand, the desire for Swiss timepieces can also be attributed to the tendency for society to value anything with the name “Swiss” on it.

  • This label has come to represent masterful craftsmanship and dependability.
  • While many may not be aware of it, this cultural tendency was built up due to the aforementioned qualities of such products.
  • Regardless of whether or not one is aware of the connotations behind the name, Swiss watch brands are seen as a symbol of quality, style, and class, adding that finishing touch to any style of men’s or women’s fashion.


  1. As with any quality made product, falsely labeled watches do exist. Some may be only partially considered Swiss, while others may use deceptive wording to trick consumers into thinking their product deserves the label.
  2. Instead of attempting to wade through the trickery, buyers should educate themselves on what exactly makes a watch Swiss.

Basic Legal Requirements

Legally, a company cannot label its watch as “Swiss” or “Swiss Made” if the device itself and its main components were not manufactured in Switzerland. Regulation and enforcement of this law has become more and more strict over the past few years. As mentioned previously, the primary defining characteristic is the movement and the final inspection of the watch.

Swiss Movements

  • For people outside of the industry of watchmaking, this term has become somewhat of a buzzword.
  • Traditionally, Swiss movements were required to be at least half made up of parts directly from Switzerland, though this percentage has since increased to 60% for digital watches and 80% for analog watches.
  • The movement must also be encased in Switzerland (placed in the casing), as well as given its final inspection along with the watch itself.

Swiss Made Sweeps

  • For many, the best value Swiss watch brands use sweeping movement instead of ticking hands.
  • The difference here is that sweeps are perceived as continuous movements, while ticking hands are visibly mechanic in nature and instantly move six degrees once every second (for a total of 360 degrees in a full minute).
  • This is both a matter of preference and quality.

Sweeping hands from Swiss manufacturers are known to keep incredible precision. Every second, the hand moves anywhere from five to eight times to total 6 degrees. This means that these tiny movements can be as small as less than a single degree. There is no such thing as a truly continuous sweep, but rather the illusion of one.

Due to the nature of quartz movements, most Swiss manufactured watches with them do not sweep.

Any sweeping hand requires a separate motor to ensure accuracy. Ticking watches generally consume less power (for battery powered devices). In general, one should be wary if a Swiss manufacturer claims to have a sweeping hand, especially if it also claims to have quartz movements.

Notable Swiss Brands

  • Some companies have built up names that are synonymous with quality, almost to the point that they are as famous as the Swiss name itself.
  • To help you start on the path to choosing a genuine watch, here are some of the top Swiss watch brands:

● Rolex – everyone knows this name. Some may even recognize this term before the significance of the word Swiss. Rolex is famous for providing some of the highest level Swiss watches for men that money can buy, and are regarded as one of the ultimate status symbols.
● Omega – slightly less popular than Rolex, but still a very high-end brand. They produce the highest quality swiss watches for women as well. Omega is still by no means inexpensive.
● Invicta – while this company was founded in Switzerland, it operates out of the United States. They are known to provide better value in terms of price to quality ratio than the higher manufacturers, and are easily some of the top Swiss watches under 1000 dollars.
● Stuhrling – while some have criticized them for having many non-Swiss made devices in their inventory and using close to the limit of foreign parts, Stuhrling has built a name for themselves as a provider of relatively cheap watches on par with most other Swiss companies.
● Bulova – This New York City Company has a long history of quality timekeeping devices. Their pieces are luxurious and their cost reflects that, but the cost is not without reason. Bulova has made many advancements and historical landmarks in the world of watches. Some feel that their watches such not be considered as Swiss, but I feel that since the movements are sometimes Swiss manufactured that I will include this brand in this Swiss watch site.

The Invicta 8923 Prodiver

  • This watch is, as the name suggests, a good model to for diving. Its display is simple and high-contrast, making it stand out in even the slightest amount of light.
  • The display can also emit a slight glow, allowing for even better visibility. With a water resistance of up to 660 feet below the surface, the environment is sure to become quite dark, making these qualities useful.
  • Otherwise, it functions as a stylish and very simple timepiece.
  • It is definitely one of the lighter models in the Invicta line, partially due to its lack of an automatic movement.
  • Its casing is also steel that is very stainless, making it durable enough for daily use.

The Invicta 8928ob

  1. As far as quality and durability is concerned, this is one of the most sought after Swiss  watches under 500 dollars.
  2. It is extremely well-suited for diving, with water resistance up to a depth of 660 feet.
  3. Its casing is made of rustproof steel with mineral glass protecting the face, making it a highly damage and scratch resistant accessory.

One interesting feature of this watch is that it is neither battery powered nor manually winded.

It is a self-winding watch that uses kinetic energy produced from the wearer’s movement to wind itself. This can present the problem of unwinding when not worn for an extended period of time. To prevent this, it needs to be worn at least every other day. Some reviews cite this as a problem, but for those who sport the watch regularly, it is a great deal for the money.

The Stuhrling Original Men’s 395.33U16

Stuhrling is generally known for its durability, especially considering the strength of its unique Krysterna synthetic crystal.

  • This watch is fairly strong, with a bulky, heavy design and quality steel stainless for the casing.
  • Like most Swiss made watches, it is water resistant, and is built to be worn through day-to-day activities while still providing a level of elegance.
  • It crosses classic functionality and design with modern taste and technique, providing a unique taste of fashion at an entirely manageable price.

The Bulova 96b104

  • This makers of this watch imbued it with a simple, minimalist design.
  • It is highly durable as far as luxurious watches are concerned, with scratch and shatter resistant mineral glass, water resistance, and shock resistance.
  • Additionally, this watch does not require a battery; it instead must be wound.
  • This fact means that it may not be the best Swiss watch for keeping time accurately depending on how vigilant one is at winding it properly.
  • The movements in this watch are not Swiss, but Japanese – nonetheless Bulova is a name that is trustworthy and reputable.
  • This model is one of the best affordable options for quality timepieces.

The Sturhling 395.33b11

  • While this watch may look tough, it is definitely not the toughest of the Stuhrling models.
  • It is still durable and able to withstand decent amounts of shock, but should generally be considered a sedentary watch.
  • It is acceptably water resistant, capable of being safely submerged several hundred feet, but not particularly recommended as a dive watch.
  • This model provides decent quality for its price.

The Wenger Swiss Military 72908

  1. This smart, modern watch has clean lines, which helps to make it one of the most adaptable watches we have seen in a long time.
  2. You can literally wear this watch anywhere and it will not look out of place.
  3. It has a Swiss quartz movement, with bold numbers on the face, which makes it a reliable and easy to read timepiece.
  4. With built in luminosity you can easily tell the time at a glance regardless of where you are or how light it is.

The Stylish Bulova 98H37

  1. Bulova has been making Swiss brand watches since 1875. The 98H37 is a great looking chronograph watch.
  2. It features a striking looking two-tone steel that is stainless bracelet and case.

It is a sports watch, but has very elegant lines, which means that it is versatile and can be worn practically anywhere. The watch is not heavy yet is very good quality and durable.

If you are looking for a good quality and elegant watch at a low price this is the one for you.

The Nautica N18523g

  1. If you want an impressive dress watch this Nautica watch is ideal. It really is a stunning watch with an easy to read layout.
  2. Unusually for such a high-end elegant watch the strap is made from high-grade black resin.
  3. This makes it one of the most comfortable watches we have ever reviewed.
  4. The combination of modern materials with classic, elegant looks works well. This watch appeals to all generations.

The Affordable Tagheuer Wah 1010 BA0854

  • Tag Heuer is one of the most sort after luxury watch brands.
  • However, they have a reputation for being expensive. Fortunately, this Tag is not actually that expensive yet is still has all of t
  • he attributes of Tag Heuer’s more expensive models.
  • It is an impressive looking watch, which is classy, but not pretentious.

If you are looking for a water resistant chronograph TagHeuer for under $1000 this WAH watch is a great option. Click here to find out more.

The Classic Omega Men’s 3570 Speedmaster

  1. Perhaps our favourite of all time is the stunning Omega Speedmaster. Omega has made this classic watch since 1957.
  2. During that time, many men have owned and enjoyed their Speedmaster watches for several decades.
  3. It not only looks great it is reliable as well. In fact, it is so reliable that it is the watch Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong took with them for their moon flight.
  4. That is where the watch got its nickname ‘The Moonwatch’.

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