Bulova 96b104 Review

August 20, 2014

The Classic Look

  • In his lifetime, Joseph Bulova provided the first ever seen range of watches for men.
  • Bulova watches have an original look to them, as the company was the first to produce them in mass.
  • This brand had an iconic form of advertisement in the 1940’s, which led to a rise in their popularity in America.
  • The Bulova 96B104 continues the Bulova Watch Company tradition of creating simplistic yet fashionable wristwatches to accompany any outfit for men.

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The look of this accessory is classic with a modern touch. It has an analog display with a white dial and silver markings, all encased by stainless steel.

  • As minimalistic as it gets, this watch features all of the details that describe what the company strives for in their production of watches.
  • Attached to this piece is a quality calfskin leather band that is removable.
  • The leather is a sporty black, with a lighter tan on the inside.


This watch model features Japanese quartz movement, which means that the mechanism keeping the mountain pointed silver hands accurately in time, was crafted in Japan.

Below the sixth hour line, the model number is shown and next to the third, a date column. On the top of the face, the company name Bulova is displayed along with their logo of a silver tuning fork. The glass covering the dial is a scratch resistant mineral crystal. It has decent shatter resistance as well, so that users may use the watch on a daily basis without worry of damaging it.


  1. The lightweight strap of soft leather calfskin has an expensive look, and sits comfortably on the wrist.
  2. It supports the heavier weight of the stainless steel that this Bulova is encased in.
  3. It is both shock and water resistant (up to a depth of 99 feet).
  4. As this is an analog watch, it does not negatively affect the environment as much as battery operated watches do.
  5. Running out of battery will never be an issue, as this can be simply rewound to function again.

If a customer is looking to buy a simple watch, this model is the perfect choice.

  • The slim design fits snugly under the cuff of a suit or a dress shirt.
  • The leather strap does not have to be broken in since it is not tough and adjustable.
  • Despite the strap’s material, one could sport this in light to moderate rain without worry.
  • The bezel is made of stainless steel and is 37 mm in diameter.
  • The thickness is 7 mm, so this model remains durable even after a long period of continuous use.
  • Even with this heavier material, the entire watch sits lightweight on the wrist.


While the watch itself is water resistant, the straps are made of soft leather. It is not recommended for people to wear them during a monsoon, or to be completely submerged underwater. It is best to take off before showering and entering any body of water for protection. The leather band will be ruined if left on.

For some, the diameter of the face is too large.

  1. Some users also experienced their watch immediately failing to work upon arrival when ordering online, though they were able to return for a new one of the same model.
  2. A few customers have mentioned that the second hand does not line up precisely with the number lines, as is the case with many non-battery watches.
  3. This model is very simplistic analog watch without any ostentatious elements.
  4. Those who are looking for a fancy or high technology device should look elsewhere.


The Bulova 96B104 is worth a purchase for men who appreciate a sharp, clean style in their watch collection. It is a go-to watch that can be used daily due to the material used; it is able to withstand shock and a certain amount of water if not completely submersed. The bezel and glass protecting the watch are stainless and scratch resistant, making it ideal to wear for a meeting, at work, or just for leisure. The durability and sleekness make it attractive to a wide variety of customers. It is available for purchase at most major online stores as Bulova is a popular American brand.


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