Stuhrling Skeleton Watch

January 24, 2014

Amazon ImageWatches are made in many fashions.  Not fashions as in trends, but fashions as in types.  Analog watches are one of the most intricate items in the world. The way that the watches are made is from extreme precision and perfect artisan-ship.  Each gear has to be the perfect size to work with another gear within the watch.

With a skeleton watch that is swiss made, not only does this concept still need to remain true, but also you can actually see the inside of the watch, how it runs, and how each part works together in a harmonious fashion.  It is easy to see that why skeleton watches are as popular as they are.  When looking at the Stuhrling skeleton watches it bring the whole thing to a completely different level.  Stuhrling is one of the top watchmakers in the world.  Their watches are well known to have a high durability and sophistication with the clear design all made into one.

stuhrling orginal man's classic winchester skeleton watch

—> Click to view a Stuhrling Classic Winchester Grand Automatic Skeleton Watch

What is cool about this watch and what makes it a perfect gift, as compared to other skeleton watches is that this one is a real skeleton type.  Other types have no face, but still have the back cover.  With this watch, you can see right through it, a very nice feature.  While it doesn’t have a true face on it, there is no place to have the date either so it is simply fashion, this time as a trend.  With the face being completely clear, the blue hands are a very nice contrast for telling time at a glance.

stuhrling aristocrat executive automatic skeleton black dial watch—> Click to see more details on the Stuhrling Original Men’s Aristocrat Executive II Automatic Skeleton Black Dial Watch

The actual structure of the watch is a stainless steel frame with the numbers milled into it.  This allows for high strength and durability, and somewhat ruggedness.    The watch does have depth resistance of 135 feet, but also has a leather watchband.  It is not good to get the band wet, so the water resistance is just in case it falls into the water.

A self-winding feature is great to eliminate the battery in the watch, as the person’s arm moves in a natural motion; the watch is being powered for constant use.  When the watch is not moving, it has been wound up so much that the power it created will sustain it overnight.  They are not the first people to use this feature, but it has become a standard one with analog watches.

Realistically, the watch has many of the same features as many other watches.  What sets this watch apart from many others is the craftsmanship that is maintained from the Stuhrling company.  With all of the Stuhrling skeleton watches they have the same basic form factor with different cosmetic features such as color, design, shape, and style.

Amazon ImageRegardless of whether you want the watch for the cool see through style, or for the Stuhrling name, or any other reason, the watch is a great investment.   Its skeleton design is a look that never fails to amaze and the name stands the test of time.  You can be sure that when people see the watch, it will bring a great conversation as well.  It is no Rolex, but it is still one of the coolest watches you can find.


The Stuhrling Watch Company

January 22, 2014

Amazon ImageThe Stuhrling Watch Company has had roots going back to the 1800’s.  At that point, a watch was simply made to tell time.  During those times, someone did not look to see if the watch was in the right fashion for the season or the right color for before or after Labor Day, it was a tool to be used for a purpose.  Over the course of time, the watchmaker evolved and started to produce better quality and over more time, they started to get more into the look of the watch.

Since that time, they have come out with a large selection of swiss made watches for both men and women alike.  Each watch has different variations that are usually just different colors of the same watch.  One of the more classic pieces is actually a very simple watch that has a gorgeous look to it.  A simple, yet elegant design that keeps its classy look and appeal yet is still made by a great company.

stuhrling ascot stainless steel gold and silver watch—> Click for reviews on Stuhrling Original Men’s 414.33312 Classic Ascot Prime Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch with Gold-Tone Bezel

Amazon ImageSilver and gold are the two most collected metals in the world; these colors have been so heavily collected that when you see them the word riches comes to mind.  The Classic Ascot Prime may not be made of silver but stainless steel is still every bit as good looking and the gold accent shows up in great detail.  Not everyone wants a watch that can fly the planet, even if they are cool.  Usually those watches are worn at work and are not nearly as well taken care of as a high-end watch.  There are times you just need a watch to look good, but do not want to spend a huge amount on it.  The Ascot is the perfect watch for all occasions, but better suited for a luxurious night on the town.

stuhrling black bezel watch–> Click to view the Stuhrling Original Aquadiver Regatta Champion Professional Diver Swiss Quartz Date Black Bezel Watch

Since the rebirth of Stuhrling in 1999, their dedication to watch making has been at the forefront of their minds.  They have made literally thousands of different watched and each one has been a testament to the past and a leap forward to the future.  The Stuhrling Company has two different sub brands to go with the rest of the watches, the Xtreme and Prestige lines.

The Xtreme line is for people that want fashion and function at the same time.  These watches have very distinct faces and over all looks to them, but still carry the same high quality that has made Stuhrling a name to trust.

The Prestige line is one of the sophisticated areas of the watches.  Each watch is made with top-of-the-line materials and put through a 30-point check to make sure that the timepiece is the best it can be with each one being Swiss made.  The Swiss made watches are arguably some of the best in the world with few that can compete.

Amazon ImageWhen you want quality, you want the Stuhrling Watch Company to be the maker of it.  The watch itself is put through some of the most hardcore testing, attention to detail, and checks that this company does not have to charge a huge amount because people know and trust the brand, and buy them.  It is a great company and one that will last the test of time.

What Makes Stuhrling Watch Prices Affordable

January 21, 2014

Amazon ImageDifferent watches have different price points as we had reviewed in other posts.  Just like anything, you have to factor in how much it costs to make to determine how much to sell it for.  If it costs a lot to make the price will reflect that.  You also have to take into account many different factors that will go into the watch price.  These would include company infrastructure, insurance, warranty, employees, machinery, research and development, marketing, advertising and many more.

While one watch cannot possibly cost enough to pay for everything by itself, the watch company will still have to have some sort of profit in the mix.  If you take a watch brand such as Rolex, the watch has a markup of about 68% from its build price.  If you look at the watch company itself, the name is unmatched.  The quality is superb and the name is known worldwide.  Does it really have to have that much of a markup, probably not.  In some cases, the watch will price itself out of certain social status categories to be in an elite class all in its own.

stuhrling skeleton automatic–>> Click to See Pictures, and Reviews on Amazon

Amazon ImageOther companies still make a very nice watch, some even make the same quality; however, they want all people to be able to wear their name on the wrist.  These companies, such as Stuhrling that make the coolest skeleton watch, are still pricey for some people but not as bad as others.  If you look at the Winchester XT Automatic Skeleton watch, it is a $500 watch.  For some people that is a car payment others it is a day at the office.  This watch has all of the characteristics of a high-end watch made by a high-end company; it is marketed to a wider range of people, which in turn will allow more of them to be sold and resulting in a higher profit margin for the company.

If you have to sell one watch to make up for millions invested, that one watch would sit forever.  Sure, someone may buy it just to say they own it but it could be decades before it sells.  When you can sell a massive amount of watches the price can be brought down, as in the case with Stuhrling watch prices.  This company wants everyone to be able to wear the watches they create.  This is also why they have many different styles to accommodate all types of budgets and people.

stuhrling 858L.02 silhouette—>Stuhrling Original Men’s 858L.02 “Octane” Concorso Silhouette Stainless Steel and Black Leather Watch with Blue Dial

Amazon ImageSince the days of digital watches have come out, more and more people have gone to them because of everything they can do.  The inside is a computer chip that is programmed.  The cost to make is virtually non-existent.  It also means that cheap digitals are made to use and throw away.  Not like the high-end analog watches.  These are still made the same way they were back in the day.  Granted, more technology is used in the making of them, but they are still crafted to be a precision object and that takes time and money.  If you want only an elite class of people then you will find the prices have to be higher but most companies know if you make a watch people can afford, people will buy it and then you can have a great watch with a great price.

Stuhrling Watch Quality At It’s Best

January 20, 2014

Amazon ImageWhen you think about quality, a couple different things come to mind.  How is the item made?  Is it made with quality parts and materials?  The other question is how well is it made.  Was it put together by a drunken monkey or was it put together with the craftsmanship of years of training.  These two questions in a matter of speaking define quality.  You have to have both parts of the equation to make it all work.  Even with the best parts, if you cannot put them all together then you still just have an expensive paperweight or after a while, that is what it will turn into. This is what makes Stuhrling such a wonderful watch, the materials and the craftsmanship make the equation complete.

With these two parts, in effect you can make some amazing things such as the Aquadiver Regatta Champion Professional Dive watch.  You can have the craftsmanship but this is where the materials all need to be top-notch quality such as found in the rolex sumariner green dial watch that we have reviewed or the water resistance cannot work.  The pressure of the water bearing down of the component will destroy it. Stuhrling watch quality is always in the forefront of their minds when creating any of their timepieces.  In the case with a dive watch, it must be made with materials that can take the beating from the saltwater.  With saltwater there is more than just the pressure from the depth.  You also have the salt itself, which will corrode almost immediately from oxidation.  That alone has the power and capability to destroy metal item and seals which will render a watch useless. With stainless steel, this watch was designed to come into direct contact with seawater.

best stuhrling swiss watch–>> Click to See Pictures, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon

Stainless steel is a type of metal that does not rust or stain.  If you look at an older car, you can see rust spots in corners and other places.  This is made of steel as well but it is not stainless steel.  The appliances in some modern kitchens are which means they are more durable and hold up better. Regardless of whether it is the top of the line Stuhrling or their budget watch, the Stuhrling watch quality is there in each one.  The way they make each watch with the pride from top to bottom is what makes the company such a success.  With each watch, whether it is the Xtreme or Prestige line, the way the watch is made has been relatively unchanged since the beginning.

skeleton watch by stuhrling–>> Click to See Pictures, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon

Amazon ImageThe same attention to detail and overall quality makes the watches wanted by men and women.  When you look at the quality of the watch compared to a Timex, Casio, or other cheaper brand you can see how they are made.  There are many plastic and rubber components.  This is great for a nice looking modern watch, but this is why it is cheaper, the quality is not there. What it boils down to is where the bar is for the company.  Every watch has a buyer.  Some people want a watch that is cheap because they work in construction. Others need a watch that looks sophisticated to appeal to clients.  Professional divers need a swiss dive watch that will be able to deal with the pressure of diving. What you need to determine is whether you want a watch that looks great, lasts a long time, will hold up or all of the above; if you want all three then you want a Stuhrling.

The History Of The Invicta Force Watch

January 18, 2014

Amazon ImageInvicta has a huge line of watches, such as the Invicta that I had added to my buying guide of the top swiss watches, and some would say they have some of the best look of any watch company.  There are many different watchmakers, and most of them do the same as the next, but Invicta makes them look good too.  If you look at the different lines you can see a clear distinction between all of them, but each one has the standard quality that Invicta stands for.

You can see each watch has its own style with a different variation within those styles.  Invicta knows that not everyone is the same and each have their own personality, taste, and you can see that there are so many variations to each one that it can easily be worn by everyone, and the best part is that they are affordable. invicta the force collection–>> Click to See Pictures, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon

Amazon ImageThe Invicta Force watch series is not the most high-end watch they produce but they are one of best watches to wear regardless of what you are doing.  This watch is affordable, and we have stated over and over that you can buy affordable swiss watches without compromising on quality.  As you can see with the Invicta Men’s 0851, the style is clean.  It does not have many features, it does not have a large amount of jewelry on it, and it is just a classy style. When you look at the watch, it does not look like much at all.  It is silver and black, and that was the point of this watch.  Not everyone wants to show off the watch, some people just want a high quality timepiece that looks good.  Invicta pulls it off very well.  With the black polyurethane straps that will not mold, the 330ft depth ability, and the ability to go from the water to the dinner table, how can one not like this watch? the invicta mens watch 0070–>> Click to See Pictures, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon>>

Amazon ImageIf the look and style of the Invicta force watch is not enough to make you want to buy it, then the fact that it is based out of Hollywood, Florida, USA should be.  Many people think that the best items come from Japan, China, and Taiwan; this could not be further from the truth.  It is not about where it is made.  It is about the dedication and determination that goes into it. Invicta started out creating Swiss mechanical timepieces, but that all changed during the quartz movement of the 70’s.  In ’91 the company was purchased and moved to the USA where the call center is located. Invicta’s primary goal is to move forward into the future with watches that will catch the eye of everyone, not just rich.  While they do have watches that only the rich can afford, every company has the “luxury” line.  They wanted to create watches that everyone can afford, without having to show off a swiss logo that is too obvious as we have stated in another article.  That is what makes Invicta one of the most sold watches to date. Invicta is also a charitable company.  Since the time they were purchased they have done many charitable events such as sending watches to the soldiers serving overseas, became the lead sponsor of the Tour DeBroward, and more.