Omega 3570.50 Review

August 30, 2014

The Omega Men’s 3570 Speedmaster

  • Omega SA has been making beautiful watches for over 150 years.
  • Louis Brandt founded this Swiss company in 1848 in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
  • He started by assembling watches from parts that were sent to him by local firms, but his sons started to make their own parts.
  • In 1879, they produced and sold the first true Omega timepieces.

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Taking the step of producing their own watches was expensive, but they wanted to provide their customers with watches of the best possible quality.


Today, quality still drives the firm, which is why they have one of the best reputations. Omega makes precision timepieces that are sought after the world over.

The Moonwatch

  • One of the best examples of their work is their Speedmaster from their chronograph range.
  • It is so reliable that it was worn for space missions.
  • The first was Gemini 3 in 1965. Buzz Aldrin wore his while walking on the moon, which is when the watch was nicknamed the moonwatch.
  • It is still used by modern day astronauts.

The Specifications of this Beautiful Watch

  1. There are also two commemorative versions of the 3570 that were released to mark the 45th anniversary of the moon landing.
  2. The specifications below are for the classic version of this watch, the 3570.50.00.

Hand type – 3-hand configuration

Face material – hesalite

Dial color – black

Display type – analog with silver hour and minute marks

Bracelet – stainless steel

Bracelet clasp – safety clasp with fold over and push button feature

Movement – mechanical with manual winding mechanism

Case material – stainless steel

Case dimensions – 42 millimeters

Water resistant – to 166 feet

Bezel function – Tachymeter scale

Chronograph – yes

Warranty – length of warranty and coverage is dependent on whom you buy your watch from and where you buy it.


  • Classic looks – the classic look of the watch is a big plus because it gives it a timeless quality, which means it will never look dated.
  • Broad appeal – the 3570 watch is not likely to appeal to a teenager, but it will to most other men. This means that it makes a good gift, which is likely to be worn on a regular basis for many decades.
  • Durable – if you are looking for a watch that is built to last this Men’s Omega is a very good option. Many of the reviews we read were written by people who had owned their watch for decades. In one case, the reviewer had owned theirs for 30 years. In all cases, the long-term owners were happy with the watch and never had any problems.
  • Keeps good time – once you get used to the fact that you have to wind it each day this Omega keeps time perfectly.
  • Kudos – many owners got a kick out of wearing a watch that is essentially the same as the one the Buzz Aldrin wore on the moon.


  1. Water resistance – unusually this wristwatch is only water resistant to a depth of 50 meters (166ft). This means that it is only suitable for wearing in the bath, while showering or swimming. Some people do wear theirs while snorkeling, but this is not recommended.
  2. Face material – the face is made from hesalite, which is not scratch resistant. Scratches are common, but fine scratches can be removed using a light abrasive. However, it may be worth investing in a sapphire crystal face if yours becomes deeply scratched or cracked.
  3. Repair costs – Omegas are durable, so rarely go wrong. However, if they go wrong once the warranty has expired it can work out expensive.
  4. Has to be wound manually – winding a watch takes less than a minute, but some people find it inconvenient, so marked it as a con in their review. The winding mechanism is a bit stiff at first, but, again, this is normal, and actually a sign of quality. It loosens up after a month or two.

Our Verdict

  • If you are looking for a special men’s watch the Speedmaster 3570 is a great choice.
  • As well as looking good, its place in history adds to its cache and makes it extra special.
  • The fact that Omega released the first version in 1957 and it still sells well speaks volumes.
  • It shows you what a beautiful and desirable watch the Speedmaster is.

Wah1010.ba0854 Review

August 29, 2014

Our Full Tagheuer Wah 1010 ba0854 Review

As our readers know, we love Tag watches. They are amongst our favorite brand.

  • The fact that they have been making high-end watches for over 150 years now shows.
  • They are constantly innovating and breaking the mold and they have defiantly done so with the Tagheuer Wah 1010 ba0854.

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Here is our overview.

  1. We have been careful not to let our love of all things Tag overwhelm us, so we cover the cons as well as the pros of this special edition Tag.
  2. Uppermost in our minds when writing this review is the fact that our readers need balanced reviews if they are to find the right watch for them at the right price.


Specifications for the Tag WAH 1010 Formula 1 Grande

Hand setup and display type – analog with a three-hand configuration

Luminous – hands and skeletal

Numerals – features Arabic quarter hour numbers as well as Arabic orb and baton hour markers

Type of bracelet – metal

Bracelet material – 22mm wide band made from brushed stainless steel, in silver

Clasp type – fold over clasp with built in safety feature

Face cover composition – scratch resistant sapphire crystal

Movement – Full spec Swiss quartz movement

Casing – stainless steel

Weight – 16ozs

Crown – screw down crown protected by two guards

Diameter of the case – 44mm

Thickness of the case – 13mm

Water resistance – resistant to water to a depth of 660ft (200 meters or 200 bars)

Shock resistant – yes

Bezel detail – unidirectional

Calendar feature – discretely placed date window

Other special features – exceptionally quiet movement

Warranty – contact Tag Heuer for details and see our note under pros

BA08548 Pros and Plus Points

  • Higher than normal level of water resistance – most other watches are only water resistant to a depth of 330 ft. This Tag beats that typical depth by a fact of 100%. You can wear it down to depths of 660ft. It is perfect for recreational scuba divers as well as those who like to wear a watch while snorkeling and swimming.
  • Tag wristwatches hold their value – most Tag Heuer watches hold their value well, and that appears to be the case with this model. There is a good chance that this model will turn out to be a classic, so in decades to come it should still have a good re-sale value.
  • Good reviews – the majority of the reviews we read for the BA08548 Tag were good. Most owners gave it maximum marks in the reviews that we read.
  • Price – owning a Tag is not easy, because they are at the top end of the market not everyone can afford them. We like them and think you get what you pay for. However, if you do not have a big budget affording a Tag is difficult. This one is far cheaper than their other models, so it represents especially good value for money. It is a great entry level Tag.
  • Warranty – with Tag timepieces, you get a good warranty, but it is not available to everyone. If this is important to you, we advise you to double check the terms and conditions of the warranty. Where you live in relation to where the retailer is based has a bearing on the conditions of the warranty.


  1. Not easy to find – this model was released in 2011 and was very popular. As a result, it is quite hard to find and buy new ones. However, we have found a good retailer who still has them in stock. Use the link below to be taken to their sales page.
  2. Low level of luminosityone reviewer found that when they were diving they were not able to read the time easily because the luminosity of the hands and numbers was too weak.
  3. Clasp too tight – the clasp on this watch is very good quality, but for those who are not used to a fold over clasp it can be tricky to operate. At first, it is a bit stiff and tight. Fortunately, this issue goes away after a couple of weeks of use.
  4. A little too heavy and chunky – one reviewer felt this watch was a little on the heavy side. This is a matter of personal taste. However, we mention it so you can consider it before you buy.

Our Verdict of the TAG Heuer Men’s Formula 1 Grande Watch

This beautiful, artfully designed watch is packed with high-end features. If someone in your family like F1, they are going to love this F1 tribute watch.

  • In fact, practically anyone is going to enjoy this top quality, stylish and practical watch.

My Nautica b18523g Review

August 29, 2014

The Beautiful Nautica N18523g Dress Watch

  • If you are looking for an impressive watch, the Nautica n18523g is a great choice. It really is a stunning looking watch.
  • It has the look and feel of a high-end watch with a modern twist and a touch of additional class.

best nautica dress watchClick here for pricing on the Nautica Dress Watch N18523g

This is probably not a watch for everyday wear. However, it is certainly a lovely watch for special occasions and those times when you want to impress.

Here are the specifications:


Hand configuration – 3-hand configuration with luminosity of hour and minute hands

Number configuration – standard Arabic numbers every two hours

Band type – 21 mm strap

Band material – highly durable and comfortable black resin

Clasp – standard soft strap clasp

Face cover material – mineral crystal

Movement – Japanese quartz movement

Casing – stainless steel

Weight – 12.98oz

Crown – screw down

Case diameter – 53.83mm

Case thickness – 15mm

Water resistant – to 330ft (100 meters)

Bezel function – Outer dial track, which includes a tachymeter and is unidirectional

Calendar function – yes, date window built in

Special features – Chronograph, 24 carat gold plated crown

Chronograph features – three dial chronograph – seconds, minutes, day and black dial functions

Other features – rose gold case frontage and winding lugs

Warranty – Nautica’s 5 year guarantee

The Pros of the Nautica Men’s NST Chronograph Watch

  1. Classy and different – this classic watch really is a bit special its gold finish combined with a modern resin strap works much better than you would expect. It has a modern, contemporary feel, but also has the class of a bygone age. Sounds an odd combination, but Nautica have really pulled it off and the watch is great looking one.
  2. Build quality – This solid watch is built to last. You can feel the quality when you take it out of its presentation box.
  3. Outstanding and positive reviews – Most of the reviews we read for this popular Swiss watch were on Unusually for a product, not one person gave it just one or two stars. Every buyer rated it as between three and five stars.

Here is a summary of what the actual owners said about this watch:

Good value – you get a lot of wristwatch for the money and it is very well made.

Soft and comfortable strap – many owners like the soft feel of the resin strap, which is a feature you do not find offered on many other dress watches.

Good user guide and customer support – Nautica provide a detailed user guide and offer fast and efficient customer support.

Durable – judging by the comment on the older reviews this is a durable watch. It is certainly a high quality one.

Long warranty – unusually Nautica offers a five-year rather than a three-year warranty. Three years is the norm for most watches. This is another sign that this is a good quality watch.


  • Bulky – one reviewer said they felt the watch was a bit too big. Not really a major issue, because it is just a matter of personal taste, but if you do not like big watches just double check the dimensions to make sure this watch is going to be compact enough for your tastes.In addition, this is a heavy watch. Something you need to consider before you buy it.
  • Problem with the stopwatch function – one reviewer said they could not get the stopwatch function to work properly. Others said it was tricky to set up, but other reviewers said the opposite. Fortunately, for those who are struggling Nautica offers good support.
  • Date too small – a few users commented that the date display was too small to be easily readable.

All of the above are more niggles than cons, but we mention them because we want our readers to have the information they need to make a balanced purchasing decision. Our aim is to make sure that you get the best watch for you and get it at the best price.

In Summary

This watch looks far more expensive than it actually is, so it represents great value for money. It is a good-looking watch with enough modern touches to appeal to the young, but enough old world class to work for the older buyers too.

Nautica have been selling watches since 1984, and they have a reputation for making good quality, stylish apparel and accessories. We like their watches, which is why we feature them on this site.

Bulova 98H37 Review

August 29, 2014

The Classy Bulova 98H37

  • The Bulova 98H37 is a fantastic looking watch that exudes class.
  • This amazing looking watch ensures that anyone who wears it stands out from the crowd.
  • However, it is far more than just a good-looking chronograph watch.
  • The Bulova Marine Star watch is also highly functional and very reliable.

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The Specs

Here is what you get for your money:


Face color – only available in blue

Hand type – 3-hand configuration with luminous hands

Number configuration – standard Arabic numbers

Band type – bracelet

Band material – two-tone stainless steel with a width of 22mms

Clasp – fold over security clasp

Dial material – mineral with non-scratch finish

Movement – Japanese quartz

Casing – stainless steel

Dial type – Analogue

Weight – 9.9ozs

Dimensions – 4.6 x 3.5 x 3.4 inches

Water resistant – to 330ft (100 meters)

Bezel functionUnidirectional rotating elapsed time bezel with engraved 10 minute marks

Calendar function – yes, date window built in

Special features – Chronograph, 24 carat gold plated crown

Chronograph features – three dials – seconds, minutes and 24 hour

Warranty – 3 Year Limited Warranty


  1. Versatile– this sports watch still manages to look elegant, which means it looks good on the sport field, but makes a stunning formal watch as well. Somehow, it bridges the gap between sports, casual and formal wear. If you own this watch, you really do not need to own another.
  2. Quality – many people who ordered this wrist watch commented that it looked far nicer than it did in the photographs. It really is a beautifully crafted watch made from good quality materials.
  3. Durable – this swiss watch has a reputation for being durable. Many of the reviews we read were from owners who had owned this wrist watch for five years or more. They were particularly complementary about the effectiveness of the scratch resistance of the face.
  4. Large watch face – the large face and way in which the numbers are laid out makes this an easy watch to read. The fact it has luminous hands and large numbers is a plus at night. When users are not wearing their glasses, it is still easy for them to tell the time.
  5. Weight – this Swiss made watch has a nice weigh and is well balanced. This makes it comfortable to wear even when playing sports.
  6. Value for money – many reviewers could not believe that they had received such a nice watch for the money. It is far from the cheapest sports watch on the market, but it is very good quality, and it is certainly not expensive.


  • Location of date window – not everyone liked the offset date window, which is located between 4 and 5 o’clock. However, the window has to be located there to make room for the chronograph sub dials.
  • Not waterproof – this watch is only water resistant, but because it can be used to depths of 330ft it is ideal for those who want to swim or snorkel. You just need to remember not to dive while wearing your watch.
  • Water ingress issue– there were very few negative reviews for this watch. The few that we found all related to the watch not being water resistant. Given the fact that many of those who left positive reviews commented on how good it was in water this is odd. We can only conclude that occasionally a watch without a good seal slips through quality control, which is why some owners had problems with water ingress.

Our Verdict

This striking Marine Star Collection watch is a great addition to that Bulova range. It has a classy, yet masculine feel. Seemingly small design features like the gold strip in the bracelet, gold winding lugs and face screws, make a huge difference and add a touch of class without making the watch look too flashy.

  • Bulova have been making watches since 1875 and have a reputation for making good quality watches that spans the decades.
  • They wear well and the firm has a reputation for exceptional customer service, so we feel comfortable recommending their products to our readers.
  • For us, and the vast majority of those owners who posted reviews, the 98H37 ticks all of the boxes and is a good buy.


Wenger 72908 Classic Swiss Military Review

August 21, 2014

The Wenger Swiss Military 72908

  • Wenger make beautiful watches.
  • Paul Boéchat founded the firm in 1893 and for many years, they made Swiss Army Knives.
  • However, in 1988 they branched out and began to make fine watches.

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Since then they have released several watches that have become classics.

  • Amongst them is the stylish, yet robust Wenger Swiss Military 72908.
  • This wrist watch has a smart, clean look, which means it looks good in most settings and on most men.
  • It is durable, and has a strong profile including a sturdy winder lug, which is practical as well as stylish.


Here are the specs and main features of this military style watch:


Bracelet – stainless steel 316L with built in safety buckle

Movement – Swiss quartz movement ETA 805.112

Face Features – Bold easy to read white numbers with built in luminosity

Date Indicator – Yes

Water Resistant – this popular wristwatch is water resistant down to a pressure of 10 bars or 330ft of water

Watch Face – Mineral face with a sapphire coated crystal finish, which reduces glare

Hand Type – three-hand configuration with luminous hour and minute hands

Case Material – brushed steel

Case Diameter – 41mm

Case Thickness – 10.50mm

Lug Width – 20mm

Weight – 124g

Warranty – 3 year limited warranty available from Wenger

Unlike many other watches, this is a simple timepiece without many special features. It just tells you the time and date, but this is great for those who do not want a stopwatch and other fancy options.

The Pros

  1. Easy to read – the fact that the display is white numbers on a blue background makes this Wenger extremely easy to read.
  2. There is no scratching your head trying to work out the Roman numerals.
  3. The glass is marked with indicators, which make it easier to read the time accurately even when you just glance at the watch.
  4. It also features military time numbers helping you to convert the time to the 24-hour system.

Looks great this swiss army watch is not going to go out of style any time soon. It has a bold retro look, but with a modern twist. It bridges the generation gap and appeals to people of all age groups.

Good battery life many long-term owners commented that the battery life was excellent.

Positive reviews we read many reviews while putting together this page, and the vast majority of those reviews were 100% positive.

The Cons

  • The 72908 watch does not have a long list of cons.
  • It is a nice watch with good features. However, there are a few things that it lacks here is our summary:


Not waterproof – Unusually, for a military style watch, the 72908 is not waterproof. However, it is water resistant, which is adequate for most users. If you want to snorkel or swim, you can still wear it.

Limited color choice – this field watch is only available with a silver bracelet and a blue face. It looks good, but it would be nice to see it offered with a choice of face color.

Issues with the strap – while researching this product we read numerous reviews and discovered that, for a few users, there is a potential issue with the watch’s bracelet. Some users reported pins falling out. That said, this happens with all kinds of watches, so we feel that it is something to look out for rather than something that should automatically stop you from buying this particular watch.

Clasp not simple enough – some users reported that the clasp was fiddly and difficult to use. Again, this issue is typical of watches that feature a fold over clasp. People who have never owned a watch with this kind of clasp can struggle with them. However, normally, in no time at all, they get used to the clasp and can use it without any issues.

Our Conclusion

  1. We really like this swiss watch and from the looks of the reviews, we have read on Amazon and other sites, so do most of the people who bought this watch.
  2. If you want to buy a gift this watch is a great option.
  3. Its looks appeal to all kinds of men, so style wise you cannot go wrong.
  4. This watch has the added advantage of not being expensive yet looking like a luxury watch.