Stuhrling 395.33b11Review

August 20, 2014

Durability and Reliability

  • Many watches have different features that appeal to different types of people.
  • Stuhrling watches provide style and comfort for men who are looking for something basic yet has lasting, good quality performance no matter what the day brings.
  • The Stuhrling 395.33b11 features a stainless steel face and band.
  • It is a round watch that can resist waters up to 660 feet, making it useable for recreational divers.

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This 2013 model has a push button clasp that folds over to secure it on the wrist with a three-link bracelet.

  1. The dial is a matte black finish while the entire watch on the outer part is silver.
  2. The numbers are white against black so it can be read easily even underwater.
  3. It displays four of the main numbers along with lines to represent the numbers in between.
  4. The current day is featured and magnified near the four and five.


Stuhrling’s patented Krysterna crystal protects the dial and sticks out about 1 mm.

  1. This analog watch has Swiss quartz movement, meaning that it ticks rather than sweeps.
  2. The bezel is also stainless steel and is unidirectional.
  3. The Quickset date can display hours, minutes, and seconds in addition to the date.
  4. With the screwed down crown, it is able to become water resistant in an instant.


The benefit of stainless steel watches is that most of them, along with this Stuhrling model, are water resistant. It can be worn daily without any worry of damaging the look or functionality while walking in the rain, showering, swimming, or diving. Normally watches with steel bands might grab at wrist hair with spaces in between the links, yet this one avoids the problem. Even if it is made of steel, there is not much thickness in the band and dial, which makes it more lightweight than a normal; it is comfortable even while sporting a long sleeve shirt.

The Krysterna crystal has more strength than sapphire when spread over a larger surface area.

  • Compared to other crystals, they are more shatter resistant, and opposed to mineral crystals, they are more scratch resistant.
  • The glass protecting the dial will be difficult to scuff by accident due to the material used.
  • The quality of the Swiss movement makes this watch last about three to four years on average.
  • Due to the use of a battery, the owner will not have to worry about winding it or making sure the time is accurate on a regular basis (though of course all watches eventually lose some time).


The body of the watch is above average compared to others, though it sits on the wrist nicely.A few customers who previously purchased this model have complained that despite the material of the band, it seems less durable than it actually appears due to how light it is. It is appropriate for everyday use; however, the watch is fragile as a whole.

The original length of the band is 7 and ¾ inches, which means that some men with larger sized wrists will have to order additional links for it to fit.

  1. The links are rather large and are difficult to adjust for some.
  2. A few users have experienced that the spring-loaded bar that contains the buckle becomes loose whenever pressure is applied to the casing.
  3. To make it last longer, it may be best to simply wear this to work at an office instead of taking it for everyday runs.
  4. Unlike some other analog watches, the fact that this watch is battery powered increases its environmental footprint.

The Verdict

Many customers are overall satisfied with the Stuhrling 395.33b11. The battery-operated gadget leaves no room for worry when it comes to accuracy, since users will not have to wind it daily. The steel all around the watch secures it, even if for some people it is not heavy or durable enough to endure all events throughout the day. Even over time, the appearance does not dull and it a good price for the product. The benefits of this Stuhrling model generally outweigh the negative points depending on different preferences, especially with price. It is simplicity at its best while still providing reliability for daily use.

Bulova 96b104 Review

August 20, 2014

The Classic Look

  • In his lifetime, Joseph Bulova provided the first ever seen range of watches for men.
  • Bulova watches have an original look to them, as the company was the first to produce them in mass.
  • This brand had an iconic form of advertisement in the 1940’s, which led to a rise in their popularity in America.
  • The Bulova 96B104 continues the Bulova Watch Company tradition of creating simplistic yet fashionable wristwatches to accompany any outfit for men.

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The look of this accessory is classic with a modern touch. It has an analog display with a white dial and silver markings, all encased by stainless steel.

  • As minimalistic as it gets, this watch features all of the details that describe what the company strives for in their production of watches.
  • Attached to this piece is a quality calfskin leather band that is removable.
  • The leather is a sporty black, with a lighter tan on the inside.


This watch model features Japanese quartz movement, which means that the mechanism keeping the mountain pointed silver hands accurately in time, was crafted in Japan.

Below the sixth hour line, the model number is shown and next to the third, a date column. On the top of the face, the company name Bulova is displayed along with their logo of a silver tuning fork. The glass covering the dial is a scratch resistant mineral crystal. It has decent shatter resistance as well, so that users may use the watch on a daily basis without worry of damaging it.


  1. The lightweight strap of soft leather calfskin has an expensive look, and sits comfortably on the wrist.
  2. It supports the heavier weight of the stainless steel that this Bulova is encased in.
  3. It is both shock and water resistant (up to a depth of 99 feet).
  4. As this is an analog watch, it does not negatively affect the environment as much as battery operated watches do.
  5. Running out of battery will never be an issue, as this can be simply rewound to function again.

If a customer is looking to buy a simple watch, this model is the perfect choice.

  • The slim design fits snugly under the cuff of a suit or a dress shirt.
  • The leather strap does not have to be broken in since it is not tough and adjustable.
  • Despite the strap’s material, one could sport this in light to moderate rain without worry.
  • The bezel is made of stainless steel and is 37 mm in diameter.
  • The thickness is 7 mm, so this model remains durable even after a long period of continuous use.
  • Even with this heavier material, the entire watch sits lightweight on the wrist.


While the watch itself is water resistant, the straps are made of soft leather. It is not recommended for people to wear them during a monsoon, or to be completely submerged underwater. It is best to take off before showering and entering any body of water for protection. The leather band will be ruined if left on.

For some, the diameter of the face is too large.

  1. Some users also experienced their watch immediately failing to work upon arrival when ordering online, though they were able to return for a new one of the same model.
  2. A few customers have mentioned that the second hand does not line up precisely with the number lines, as is the case with many non-battery watches.
  3. This model is very simplistic analog watch without any ostentatious elements.
  4. Those who are looking for a fancy or high technology device should look elsewhere.


The Bulova 96B104 is worth a purchase for men who appreciate a sharp, clean style in their watch collection. It is a go-to watch that can be used daily due to the material used; it is able to withstand shock and a certain amount of water if not completely submersed. The bezel and glass protecting the watch are stainless and scratch resistant, making it ideal to wear for a meeting, at work, or just for leisure. The durability and sleekness make it attractive to a wide variety of customers. It is available for purchase at most major online stores as Bulova is a popular American brand.


Stuhrling 395.33U16 Watch Review

August 19, 2014

Elegance, Performance, and Quality

  • As one of Stuhrling’s newest models, this watch compounds over a decade of style and refinement of modern watchmaking.
  • High society and yacht racing – a symbol of class, inspired this particular line of watches.
  • One of its main features is water resistance up to a depth of 660 feet (or 200 meters), which is consistent across most other watches in the Aquadiver Collection.

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Built to Last

  1. Despite its low price point, this model is quite durable and suitable for day-to-day use.
  2. The window for the dial is made of Stuhrling’s trademark Krysterna Crystal, which lies between diamonds and sapphires on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it extremely scratch resistant.
  3. This synthesized crystal is also much more structurally sound than mineral crystal (the classic alternative to sapphire), making it highly shatter resistant.
  4. This is the same material used in premium quality eyewear.


The entire casing is made of stainless steel.

  • While this metal is not extraordinarily durable, it is of course stain resistant, and strong enough to healthily withstand most scrapes and impacts.
  • The bezel is also stainless steel, with a stylish ratcheting design and a screw-down crown (used to provide water resistance).

Made to Impress

  1. Stuhrling is well known for perfectly melding classic formats with modern looks.
  2. This model functions as a fantastic accessory for any man’s style; it is of substantial size, and the numbers on its face are easy to read.
  3. Convenient number markers for the seconds also line the outer rim of the deep blue dial, contrasting in a brilliant silver.
  4. This watch can also be customized to fit any man’s wrist by adding or removing links.
  5. It also features a fold-over push button clasp to keep it secured on the wrist.

Where it Excels

Most buyers are primarily impressed with its style and value. It is extremely elegant and classy while still maintaining an accessibly modern look – something that can be worn by anyone in nearly any situation. The dial’s window and the construction of the watch also make it great for active men to wear; it would take serious intentional effort to scratch, dent, or otherwise cause damage in any way. Finally, the triple row bracelet design provides some extra durability in a fashionable manner.

One problem many watch wearers face is the clasp or other securing mechanism coming loose, with the safety and push button clasp on the bracelet, there is very little chance of that happening.

  • Due to its weight, the wearer would notice it shifting even in the rare event that it did come loose.

Finally, this watch operates with a Swiss quartz movement.

  • This is one of the highest quality timekeeping mechanisms available in the world, and it is known to be extremely accurate.
  • Since it runs off of battery power and not a wind-up or self-winding mechanism, its accuracy is ensured even further.

Downfalls and Complaints

  1. Glancing at the model’s physical specifications, one drawback is immediately necessary: its weight.
  2. At just under a pound and a half, this unit far outweighs competitors, which are normally well under a pound.
  3. This difference may not seem like much, but the constant added weight on one’s wrist can become tiring.

Some reviewers also say that its actual quality, despite its used materials, is comparable to many cheaper watches.

This may be an issue of perspective and chance, however, as many also report just the opposite. For example – some say that the date window does not properly display the date, and that it is difficult to read sometimes. Most manufacturers will replace defective units, though this is of course an unnecessary hassle.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

  1. Ultimately, this is a low-cost stylish accessory with decent build quality and great timekeeping accuracy.
  2. Aside from aesthetic preference of course, potential buyers should consider the tradeoff of the model’s significant weight, use of a battery rather than winding mechanisms, lack of sweeping hands, and of course the quality of the Swiss quartz movements.
  3. As an active or daily-use watch, this model is perfect for those who wish to retain a classy look.

My Invicta 8929ob Review

August 18, 2014

Stylish yet Masculine

  • Most men prefer a watch with a masculine style, and one that will endure light to moderate wear.
  • The 2011 Invicta 8928 OB model is an automatic winder that uses the movement of the user to power itself.
  • It is a water resistant watch that one could even use while scuba diving, up to 660 feet (which is far beyond what even advanced divers would experience).
  • Both the case and band are 23k gold plated stainless steel, so they are bulky and durable enough for everyday use.

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The band of this watch is silver with a strip of gold, while the inside of the dial is blue.

  • The contrasting colors make it stylish and stand out when wearing a suit or even a casual shirt.
  • It is no ordinary, simplistic watch as it is designed to be heavy duty for long-term use.
  • The fold over safety clasp secures it enough to fit comfortably on the wrist. It is a Japanese automatic movement watch with a round face, and has mineral glass protection casing in front of the dial.


With a 40 mm case diameter, this large round watch will look like a prominent accent on any outfit.

At the three o’clock position, the current date is displayed. The logo and company name are branded at the top under the twelfth line. The bezel is unidirectional and features luminous markers and hands. Along with the strip in the band, the number markings and three hands are gold colored to stand out against the deep blue face.


  1. The Invicta 8928 OB is a very water resistant watch that allows anyone to completely submerge themselves in deep waters.
  2. This model can withstand 660 feet of water and is much more affordable than other watches made specifically for scuba diving.
  3. It does not require any battery and utilizes the movement of the wearer as energy to wind itself, making this timepiece far less harmful to the environment.
  • Before requiring any major servicing, it generally lasts for four to five years on average.
  • The transparent mineral back of the model does not easily irritate the skin it rests on, so it sports both style and comfort.
  • The stainless steel band and bezel makes this watch tough, although they are replaceable if desired, as with most watches.


Due to the nature of an automatic winding watch, it will not always be perfectly accurate. The user should set the time at least once a week to ensure the time is always correct, or at least monthly after the break in period. If the watch is not worn every other day, it will wind down due to the lack of movement. The power reserve does not last very long; it is better for the user to wear daily unless they do not mind adjusting the time (though repeated unwinding can cause damage). A watch winder box is highly recommended for those who will use this watch constantly while swimming or diving. Invicta recommends a winder due to the nature of a waterproof watch- the stem must be secure. If it is unwinded repeatedly, the threads will be worn down due to the amount of pressure it must deal with.

If the user does participate in daily outdoor activities or physical movement of any sort, then the functionality of the watch will not diminish.

  1. Even though this model lasts for quite a few years before requiring expert service, it might be less expensive (and a better investment) to simply repurchase the watch in mint condition.
  2. It is also a bit bulky for some who prefer a lightweight feel on their wrist.


  1. This model is the perfect accompaniment for any diver, as it stands out in the dark water with its bold design and colors, large dial size, and thickness of the band.
  2. It suits any man with a suit and tie, or someone heading outdoors for physical activity.
  3. The matching metal band makes it extremely durable, which is perfect to be used every day since it requires movement to maintain the power to function anyway.
  4. This mens watch has many features that make it appealing to everyday people who engage in a wide variety of activities, from professional divers to sharply dressed office workers.

Invicta 8932 Pro Diver Review

August 18, 2014

Built to Last

  1. To those who have an eye for exquisite design and durability in watches, look no further than the Invicta 8932 Pro Diver.
  2. The case is made entirely of stainless steel, with the exception of the polished inner bracelet links, and this waterproof watch is built to last.
  3. The Japanese quartz movement provides the user with reliable and precise time.

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With the ability to withstand up to 660 feet of water, this particular model can be used for recreational to advanced diving and will never face issues with accidental submersion.

  1. It features an all silver design with the exception of the black dial, which allows the luminous hour and second markings to stand out.
  2. The mineral glass covering the dial is heat treated in order to avoid scuffs and scratches.
  3. The black scalloped bezel is unidirectional, and the side of the watch has a push-pull crown to protect it from water entering inside.


Silver circles and lines replace where the hour numbers are usually displayed, adding simplicity to durability.

The magnified calendar date is featured at the three o’clock position, as with many watch designs. The diameter of this wristwatch is 37 mm, and the thickness is 13 mm. Weighing at 4.48 ounces, this watch is heavy enough to sit snugly on the wrist under both casual and formal wear. The decently sized diameter and chain link bracelet give this watch a masculine appeal that will sharpen any style.


  • The mineral crystal window that protects the dial is the second most common protection amongst watches.
  • It is much stronger compared to acrylic and resists any damage to the face of the watch.
  • The absence of automatic movement makes this watch lighter as opposed to those with it, making it easier for day to day usage.
  • The Pro Diver’s face is slightly smaller than most other watches, so it will appeal to those who prefer a lighter, slimmer look.
  • It is easier to conceal under a long sleeve dress shirt if needed.

The silver Invicta logo under the twelve o’clock position adds class to the piece as it pops out against the black colored dial. If the user moves around the dial, the Trinite indexes will be visible. This is something that the company has produced that, when exposed to a certain amount of light, will maintain its glow for twenty hours on average. It adds a fashionable touch to an already classic looking watch.


  • Some of those who have purchased this model have complained that moisture clings onto the glass window, drastically reducing visibility especially when using in water.
  • The push pull crown that protects the inside is difficult for some to budge, as well as with the unidirectional bezel.
  • Depending on different perspectives, the diameter of the face is smaller compared to other watches, making it too small for some.
  • Some buyers have even given this watch to their female partners to wear, as its size and shape seemed more feminine.

If the length of the original band is too big, it is possible to remove the amount of links needed to make it fit properly.

  • However, there have been complaints that this process was too tedious as it requires a specific slim tool to begin with.
  • The pin might sometimes pop out of the band while wearing, but it can be adjusted at a jeweler to fit more properly.

The Verdict

Overall, this model from Invicta is good quality for the inexpensive price. For most users it is a reliable piece, but for many it is also a nuisance to deal with small problems such as the foggy window or adjusting the link size. When ordering online, a few customers were surprised to see that the face and band width is smaller than they had expected. For those men looking for giant faced watches with a certain heaviness to it, this may not be for them. It is a watch that balances out between too heavy and too light, fitting on the wrist just right. With the poorly designed adjustable links and slimness of the piece, some watch buyers may stray away from this model. However, it does keep the time precise and still allows men to wear this and use day to day.