Consider the Simplicity of German Made Watches

November 26, 2013

Take a few minutes to browse new watches online, and you are sure to notice that you have quite a selection from which to choose. There are watches of all sizes, shapes, colors and materials. As you learn more about watches and the companies that make them, you will realize that there is a lot more to think about when buying a watch than simply what it looks like. If you are on the hunt for a new timepiece, consider German made watches.

While most people still think that the world’s best made watches come from Switzerland, the truth is that there are many amazing manufacturers based in other countries as well. One of these countries is Germany. It may seem strange to think of Germany as a watch-making hub, especially considering that they are so well known for their cars, but it is actually that same way of thinking and engineering that make the Germans prime creators of timepieces.

When you look at a watch from Germany, one thing is sure to stand out is its simplicity. This is not necessarily to say that the watches are simple, but rather that they do not come with any unnecessary bells and whistles. Some watch manufacturers, especially newer ones, feel the need to invent and add new features to watches, cluttering the dial and sometimes making it difficult to do what you need – specifically, tell the time. German made wristwatches, on the other hand, focus on what it important: ease of use and practicality. The way they see it, if you are looking for a device that can crunch numbers while you are at the grocery store, you should buy a calculator, not a watch.

rudiger mens watch blackTo learn more about the distinct styling of a German watch, take a gander at the Rudiger Men’s R2001-04-007 Chemnitz Black IP Black Dial Chronograph watch. This watch is a perfect example of how the Germans expertly combine clean-cut lines with elegant beauty. This particular timepiece features a gorgeous, textured, black dial and stunning black bezel. White markers and illuminated hands ensure that you are aware of the time after just one glance. The case of the watch is made with a scratch resistant coating to prevent the nicks and scrapes that can make it difficult to see the hands and markers. A glamorous, shiny stainless steel band rounds out the watch to give it a look that screams of luxury despite the fact that the manufacturer has foregone some of the glitzy attributes often found in today’s newest pieces.

Even though the Rudiger R2001–04–007 was made for casual to professional settings, it is as tough and durable as watches that were specially created for tough working conditions. The anti-scratch coating is just the first of many features intended to keep the watch looking good and running smoothly no matter when or where you wear it. Water-resistant, the watch can be submersed enough to 165 feet of water with no issues. This means that you will have no problems wearing your watch to the pool, to the beach, to the water park or even in the bath!

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You certainly have many options when it comes time to buy a new watch. If you are looking for a timepiece that will not only last, but look good even after years of wear, you should turn to German made watches. Brands like Damasko, Sinn, SUG, Ickler, and of course, Rudiger, will astound you. When you purchase one of these brands, or any other of a number of respectable German brands, you will be rewarding yourself with the watch will provide you with many years of commendable service.

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