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November 25, 2013

We cannot talk about Gruen Swiss Watches before we first expound on the company’s extraordinary history.  Founded in the medieval years in Columbus, Ohio, it was about the year 1874 that a German immigrant set up the Gruen watches as a family business. Not to mention that this heartwarming legacy has somewhat vanished among other great historical accomplishments. Nonetheless, Gruen watches have been a household name for decades ever since and their great name is still admirable in the minds of many. It is their extraordinary innovation and rich ingenuity that continues to capture the hearts of many collectors the world over. Coincidentally, the reference; Gruen Swiss Watches,  is erroneous seeing that its founder, Dietrich Gruen, was in fact a German immigrant who settled in Ohio at the age of 15 in the mid-1800s. Since he had trained as a watchmaker from a young age back home, he had brought his experience with him, and once he married and settled in Ohio, he co-founded Gruen watches with his eldest brother who had immigrated to America before him. So, the Gruen Watch Company slowly gained such unprecedented success and fame that its watches became the most sought-after timepieces not only in America but the world over. The special skill and engineering knowhow has become a worldwide standard of many watchmakers all over the world for decades.  It is not surprising that most of their rare timepieces have increasingly become every collector’s most sought-after masterpiece.

the black and gold square watch by gruenThe Gruen Swiss Watches, as they are popularly known, have remained some of the most trusted watch brand in the history of watch-making. Without a doubt, Gruen has mastered the skill of creating exquisite timepieces that share a similar style and engineering prowess. Today, they are available in some select stores worldwide. However, some dedicated online auctions are a sure way of securing a Gruen watch, though. A good example of a Gruen timepiece which, undeniably, is at a rare bargain is the ‘Black and Gold Square Analog Gruen Watch’. It has a vintage gold-plated stainless steel case dating back to 1965. Its analog dial is well protected by its shock and dust proof double casing on its back while its gold dial and beige hands stand elegantly on its square front. It displays a sophisticated masculine elegance and is definitely a timeless piece worth looking out for. On the other hand, you could be an avid watch collector or someone looking for a unique watch or looking for a gift for a special person, the ‘Black and Gold Square Analog Gruen Watch’ stands out as a perfect solution. Surprisingly, it is a model that is easy on your pocket due to its affordable price, especially through the online auctions.

In addition, the Gruen’s Black and Square Analog watch has an elegant strap that clasps securely on the wrist. Weighing at a mere 2 pounds, this rare vintage timepiece is automatic and has a 711SS movement. It is an all-time functional accessory. This is characteristic of Gruen watches which continue to impress millions to this day, even though they trade under MZ Berger today after the 1956’s shutdown of Gruen’s Family watches. It is conceivable that the brand has been steadfast to provide the same quality and style as has been over the years. So much has the Swiss Watch brand made an impact in the world today that many believe that Gruen’s Watches are a Swiss brand. This is because their quality and standards are incomparable to many of similar categories, thanks to its founder, Dietrich Gruen.

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