The History Of The Invicta Force Watch

January 18, 2014

Amazon ImageInvicta has a huge line of watches, such as the Invicta that I had added to my buying guide of the top swiss watches, and some would say they have some of the best look of any watch company.  There are many different watchmakers, and most of them do the same as the next, but Invicta makes them look good too.  If you look at the different lines you can see a clear distinction between all of them, but each one has the standard quality that Invicta stands for.

You can see each watch has its own style with a different variation within those styles.  Invicta knows that not everyone is the same and each have their own personality, taste, and you can see that there are so many variations to each one that it can easily be worn by everyone, and the best part is that they are affordable. invicta the force collection–>> Click to See Pictures, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon

Amazon ImageThe Invicta Force watch series is not the most high-end watch they produce but they are one of best watches to wear regardless of what you are doing.  This watch is affordable, and we have stated over and over that you can buy affordable swiss watches without compromising on quality.  As you can see with the Invicta Men’s 0851, the style is clean.  It does not have many features, it does not have a large amount of jewelry on it, and it is just a classy style. When you look at the watch, it does not look like much at all.  It is silver and black, and that was the point of this watch.  Not everyone wants to show off the watch, some people just want a high quality timepiece that looks good.  Invicta pulls it off very well.  With the black polyurethane straps that will not mold, the 330ft depth ability, and the ability to go from the water to the dinner table, how can one not like this watch? the invicta mens watch 0070–>> Click to See Pictures, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon>>

Amazon ImageIf the look and style of the Invicta force watch is not enough to make you want to buy it, then the fact that it is based out of Hollywood, Florida, USA should be.  Many people think that the best items come from Japan, China, and Taiwan; this could not be further from the truth.  It is not about where it is made.  It is about the dedication and determination that goes into it. Invicta started out creating Swiss mechanical timepieces, but that all changed during the quartz movement of the 70’s.  In ’91 the company was purchased and moved to the USA where the call center is located. Invicta’s primary goal is to move forward into the future with watches that will catch the eye of everyone, not just rich.  While they do have watches that only the rich can afford, every company has the “luxury” line.  They wanted to create watches that everyone can afford, without having to show off a swiss logo that is too obvious as we have stated in another article.  That is what makes Invicta one of the most sold watches to date. Invicta is also a charitable company.  Since the time they were purchased they have done many charitable events such as sending watches to the soldiers serving overseas, became the lead sponsor of the Tour DeBroward, and more.

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  1. Nice watch selection. I must admit that I’ve not really come across Invicta as a watch brand before. Looking at those prices they appear to be a low-mid-range brand?

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