How to Find the Best Swiss Pocket Watch

November 30, 2013

Finding a Swiss pocket watch for yourself or a loved one can be easy, but you will need to know what you are looking for. Every man loves to have a pocket watch because it can be placed in his pocket and be out of the way. The pocket watch has been around since the 16th Century and Bartholomew Manfredi, who was an Italian clockmaker, mentioned the first concept of the pocket watch in a letter in 1462. During that time, a pocket watch was called a “pocket clock”.


There are many different pocket watches that can be bought either online or at a store. Some of the watches have long chains and some have shorter chains. Some can be bought for more of a sporty look where some are for more fancy times, or when you want to feel fancy.

To find the best pocket watch that fits your style, or the style with whom you are buying the watch for. You have to ask yourself, “Do I want to go for a sporty look or a fancier look?” The Wenger Traveler Alarm Pocket Watch is the sportier look. This pocket watch is shock and water resistant, so for men that like to hike and want a watch, this would be the ideal pocket watch for them. Wenger Traveler Alarm Pocket Watch has a built in alarm, which is great to have when you are hiking or even working out or jogging.

Pocket watches are great to have when you do not want anything on your wrists. Maybe you work in a factory and you cannot wear anything on your wrist, pocket watches are great to have. The Wenger Traveler Alarm Pocket Watch is made for the rugged type person. Rubber surrounds the timepiece, so it will not be damaged if it is dropped or is bumped. If you are on a hike and it got to dark out to see what time it is, the Wenger Traveler Alarm Pocket Watch luminous hands and numbers so you can read the time easy. This pocket watch also has a scratch resistant face, so if it is dropped then the face will not get all scratched and messy looking. It also has the date on it, which can come in handy if you ever get lost hiking. You can keep track to how many days you have been lost, but let us hope that does not ever happen.

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The Wenger Traveler Alarm Pocket Watch has a clip instead of the long chains as the traditional pocket watch’s has. It can be placed on the loop of the pants or it can be placed in the pocket. You can leave the watch on the outside of the pants, or you can have the watch tucked in the pants pocket and out of the way. For people that prefer pocket watches to wristwatches, they do not have to worry about their bands breaking and having to replace them. A chain is not really needed for pocket watches, but most people prefer to have a chain or a clip for more protection. On the Wenger Traveler Alarm Pocket Watch, you have the option of taking off the clip all together and can be used for a stopwatch.

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Pocket watches can come in an open-face form and having the face of the watch hidden. The Wenger Traveler Alarm Pocket Watch has an open face look to it. This is because people that are on the go do not want to open and close things, they want to get to the point and look at the time. This type of Swiss pocket watch is made for people with the more rugged, on the go and active lifestyle and will fit a person that is on their feet a lot and does not want to deal with wristwatches.

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