My Invicta 8929ob Review

August 18, 2014

Stylish yet Masculine

  • Most men prefer a watch with a masculine style, and one that will endure light to moderate wear.
  • The 2011 Invicta 8928 OB model is an automatic winder that uses the movement of the user to power itself.
  • It is a water resistant watch that one could even use while scuba diving, up to 660 feet (which is far beyond what even advanced divers would experience).
  • Both the case and band are 23k gold plated stainless steel, so they are bulky and durable enough for everyday use.

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The band of this watch is silver with a strip of gold, while the inside of the dial is blue.

  • The contrasting colors make it stylish and stand out when wearing a suit or even a casual shirt.
  • It is no ordinary, simplistic watch as it is designed to be heavy duty for long-term use.
  • The fold over safety clasp secures it enough to fit comfortably on the wrist. It is a Japanese automatic movement watch with a round face, and has mineral glass protection casing in front of the dial.


With a 40 mm case diameter, this large round watch will look like a prominent accent on any outfit.

At the three o’clock position, the current date is displayed. The logo and company name are branded at the top under the twelfth line. The bezel is unidirectional and features luminous markers and hands. Along with the strip in the band, the number markings and three hands are gold colored to stand out against the deep blue face.


  1. The Invicta 8928 OB is a very water resistant watch that allows anyone to completely submerge themselves in deep waters.
  2. This model can withstand 660 feet of water and is much more affordable than other watches made specifically for scuba diving.
  3. It does not require any battery and utilizes the movement of the wearer as energy to wind itself, making this timepiece far less harmful to the environment.
  • Before requiring any major servicing, it generally lasts for four to five years on average.
  • The transparent mineral back of the model does not easily irritate the skin it rests on, so it sports both style and comfort.
  • The stainless steel band and bezel makes this watch tough, although they are replaceable if desired, as with most watches.


Due to the nature of an automatic winding watch, it will not always be perfectly accurate. The user should set the time at least once a week to ensure the time is always correct, or at least monthly after the break in period. If the watch is not worn every other day, it will wind down due to the lack of movement. The power reserve does not last very long; it is better for the user to wear daily unless they do not mind adjusting the time (though repeated unwinding can cause damage). A watch winder box is highly recommended for those who will use this watch constantly while swimming or diving. Invicta recommends a winder due to the nature of a waterproof watch- the stem must be secure. If it is unwinded repeatedly, the threads will be worn down due to the amount of pressure it must deal with.

If the user does participate in daily outdoor activities or physical movement of any sort, then the functionality of the watch will not diminish.

  1. Even though this model lasts for quite a few years before requiring expert service, it might be less expensive (and a better investment) to simply repurchase the watch in mint condition.
  2. It is also a bit bulky for some who prefer a lightweight feel on their wrist.


  1. This model is the perfect accompaniment for any diver, as it stands out in the dark water with its bold design and colors, large dial size, and thickness of the band.
  2. It suits any man with a suit and tie, or someone heading outdoors for physical activity.
  3. The matching metal band makes it extremely durable, which is perfect to be used every day since it requires movement to maintain the power to function anyway.
  4. This mens watch has many features that make it appealing to everyday people who engage in a wide variety of activities, from professional divers to sharply dressed office workers.
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