Invicta 8932 Pro Diver Review

August 18, 2014

Built to Last

  1. To those who have an eye for exquisite design and durability in watches, look no further than the Invicta 8932 Pro Diver.
  2. The case is made entirely of stainless steel, with the exception of the polished inner bracelet links, and this waterproof watch is built to last.
  3. The Japanese quartz movement provides the user with reliable and precise time.

best invicta watch 8932Click here for pricing on the Pro DIver 8932 Invicta

 Click here for pricing on the Pro DIver 8932 Invicta

With the ability to withstand up to 660 feet of water, this particular model can be used for recreational to advanced diving and will never face issues with accidental submersion.

  1. It features an all silver design with the exception of the black dial, which allows the luminous hour and second markings to stand out.
  2. The mineral glass covering the dial is heat treated in order to avoid scuffs and scratches.
  3. The black scalloped bezel is unidirectional, and the side of the watch has a push-pull crown to protect it from water entering inside.


Silver circles and lines replace where the hour numbers are usually displayed, adding simplicity to durability.

The magnified calendar date is featured at the three o’clock position, as with many watch designs. The diameter of this wristwatch is 37 mm, and the thickness is 13 mm. Weighing at 4.48 ounces, this watch is heavy enough to sit snugly on the wrist under both casual and formal wear. The decently sized diameter and chain link bracelet give this watch a masculine appeal that will sharpen any style.


  • The mineral crystal window that protects the dial is the second most common protection amongst watches.
  • It is much stronger compared to acrylic and resists any damage to the face of the watch.
  • The absence of automatic movement makes this watch lighter as opposed to those with it, making it easier for day to day usage.
  • The Pro Diver’s face is slightly smaller than most other watches, so it will appeal to those who prefer a lighter, slimmer look.
  • It is easier to conceal under a long sleeve dress shirt if needed.

The silver Invicta logo under the twelve o’clock position adds class to the piece as it pops out against the black colored dial. If the user moves around the dial, the Trinite indexes will be visible. This is something that the company has produced that, when exposed to a certain amount of light, will maintain its glow for twenty hours on average. It adds a fashionable touch to an already classic looking watch.


  • Some of those who have purchased this model have complained that moisture clings onto the glass window, drastically reducing visibility especially when using in water.
  • The push pull crown that protects the inside is difficult for some to budge, as well as with the unidirectional bezel.
  • Depending on different perspectives, the diameter of the face is smaller compared to other watches, making it too small for some.
  • Some buyers have even given this watch to their female partners to wear, as its size and shape seemed more feminine.

If the length of the original band is too big, it is possible to remove the amount of links needed to make it fit properly.

  • However, there have been complaints that this process was too tedious as it requires a specific slim tool to begin with.
  • The pin might sometimes pop out of the band while wearing, but it can be adjusted at a jeweler to fit more properly.

The Verdict

Overall, this model from Invicta is good quality for the inexpensive price. For most users it is a reliable piece, but for many it is also a nuisance to deal with small problems such as the foggy window or adjusting the link size. When ordering online, a few customers were surprised to see that the face and band width is smaller than they had expected. For those men looking for giant faced watches with a certain heaviness to it, this may not be for them. It is a watch that balances out between too heavy and too light, fitting on the wrist just right. With the poorly designed adjustable links and slimness of the piece, some watch buyers may stray away from this model. However, it does keep the time precise and still allows men to wear this and use day to day.


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