Men’s Classic Field Swiss Military Wenger 72915 Watch

December 4, 2013

Amazon ImageBlack is sexy, there is no denying that fact.  Women wear it to look slimmer; men wear it to look more built.  A watch on the other hand, well not everyone wants the glimmer and shine of a silver or gold timepiece.  The stuhrling ascot prime is sexy, look at this review that we did on it and you will see what I mean.

Silver and gold are signs of riches; with that come a certain level of charismatic charm.  There are men around that want the durability and name brand design of a nice watch without everyone around them wanting to see it and stare at it.  If you are this type of person then this Wenger Men’s Classic Field is the perfect watch for you.

The Wenger 72915 watch redefines what others call fashionable.  The jet-black stainless steel case is a nice 41mm wide to give great visibility during the day and the luminous hands and markers give the same at night.  Since the luminous is green, it does not provide as good of contrast as white does, but still provides more than enough visibility to be useful.  We did a review on the rolex submariner that has a completely green face, and a white luminous which gives a completely different feel from the 72915. Nevertheless, in this classic watch by Wenger, each number is there in clear view except for the number 3 and 12, which has the date and Wenger logo.  On the inside of the numbers are the GMT hours for easy looking without needing to do math.  This watch was not designed for function.  It tells time, tells the date and looks smoking hot while doing it.

Besides the brilliance and aesthetic appeal of this Wenger Swiss Watch, the features found on this stylish timepiece makes it highly desirable especially in emergency preparedness.

The luminosity found on the dial and hands serve the user well especially during blackouts and in the dark of night. These watches can also be used in finding ones cardinal direction and navigation. And their sturdy construction allows the wearer to work effectively in tough and rugged conditions.

Thus, classic Swiss military Wenger watches and their multi-functionality make them an essential part of anyone’s everyday carry gear ensemble.


wenger swiss military watch black

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Amazon ImageThe band is a nice nylon, which is extremely nice since nylon is known for durability and will not fray like a canvas band.  It also does not hold water like one either; that is something that people with a military watch want.  If the band holds water, the chances of it molding go up.  With the mold will come bacteria and that causes a bad odor.  The watch is designed to be able to get wet, while it is not waterproof, it is good to 330ft.  A shower or a swim will not effect this watch, after all, it is a military grade watch.

To add to the durability of this great watch is Swiss quartz, and it is a well-known fact that the Swiss make great watches so the quartz is going to be just as good. Plus, with the dial cover being of mineral, the watch will hold up to the elements without the fear of being scratched up like a cheap watch with a plastic cover.

field military watch

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Amazon ImageThe band on the watch is similar to other designs; however, this one almost melds into one another.  The band is made from two separate parts, the nylon strap and leather.  The leather is two separate parts that is stitched together for dual strength but the leather at the tip covers the nylon and then the three are made into one.  This adds to the durability of the band and makes it stronger than most bands are.

Black goes with every single color.  It is a low toned color that does not attract a lot of attention yet you will still have the peace of mind knowing you are wearing a Wenger 72915 watch and all of the glory that comes with it.

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