Repairing Your Watch with Swiss Army Watch Bands

November 30, 2013

No matter how much care you show your favorite watches, there is bound to come a time when a piece breaks or wears out. The most commonly replaced part of a watch is the watchband because it is handled the most. When you find your bracelet beginning to show advanced signs of wear including cracks, gouges and tears, it is time to find a replacement band so that you are not left with a watch falling off in the middle of the day. To ensure the highest quality and longest life, turn to Swiss Army watchbands. Bands of this kind, like the Victorinox Swiss Army 16/22mm synthetic rubber band in black, are created using the best materials available, making for a product that is not only strong and durable, but also appealing to the eye.

Many consumers feel intimidated when it comes to repairing things like watches, but watchbands are actually quite simple to figure out. The hardest part of changing out a watchband is ensuring that you have the correct replacement. Choosing a watchband that is meant for a different model watch can result in an improper fit, which leads to discomfort and premature wear. Before shopping for a new watch bracelet, double-check the brand and model of your current watch. If you are not sure of the model, consult the paperwork that came with the watch or take it to a jewelry or watch store so that they can identify the model for you. Once you have determined your particular make of watch, it is time to procure a replacement band.

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For most wristwatches, you have more than one option in replacement bands. While the general style of the band may be the same due to the size of the watch’s case, you may have the ability to choose from several different colors or materials. If you find yourself unsure of what kind of replacement to invest in, play it safe, and choose a new band that matches your old band exactly. If you do not mind experimenting, consider a watchband in a different color. While black bands are classic and commanding, brown bands are trendy and eye catching. Depending on how often you tend to wear your watch, you may select several, different watch bands so that you can customize the watch to your activity or lifestyle.

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When shopping for a new band, it is important to be sure you have picked out the right size. While most men’s watchbands are available in a standard size, women’s bands are generally shorter in length and slimmer in width. Trying to repair a men’s watch with watchbands made for women will not work; you may find that the band does not fit completely around your wrist or that the watch case moves around too much on the slimmer bands.

While you may be tempted to settle for generic replacements when searching for new watchbands, it would be wise to avoid them. These bands are typically made with inferior materials and they lack the craftsmanship of a genuine product. While you may certainly save a few dollars in the beginning by going the generic route, you will more than likely spend more in the end through the constant purchasing of new bands to replace bracelets that wear out far too quickly.

For the most part, quality watches are made to last. However, wear is inevitable, and if you own a watch, you will at some point find yourself needing to replace the watchband. When you spend money on good, well-made Swiss Army watchbands, you are not only providing a way to continue wearing your favorite timepiece, you are also ensuring that the watch looks as good as the day you purchased it.

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