Rolex Submariner Green Dial Steel Mens Watch 116610LV

November 8, 2013

What does a Rolex, a Lamborghini, and a supermodel trophy wife have in common.  They are all things men want, few can afford, and even less have.  That is what makes them an exclusive time piece in a category all of its own.  When you see a Rolex, you can instantly identify it from the famous crown on the face.  The Rolex Submariner Green Dial is one of Rolex’s jewels, it’s not the most expensive one, but it certainly is one of the more popular models.

Even though the face is a green color, it is actually made of gold and then treated to make it the green color, this treating gives it a different color in different light.  It can actually look anywhere from a light olive to black.  The unidirectional bezel has the standard 60 second incremented.  It is also made from ceramic so it is practically scratch proof.  The nice and solid look is shaded in green just like the face.  The hour marks are quite large for an easy read.  They are also luminous for that easy read even at night.  The dial window is made from Sapphire for great durability.  It is a standard 40mm wide but only 2mm thick.  On the 3 o’clock position the date stands out against the background with the magnified glass for easy, on the fly date checking.

The band of this piece is a bracelet style with the folding clasp and safety, this one, however, has the ability to extend .5mm before needing to add additional links.  Even though it isn’t the widest of all the watches, it will certainly hold on with ease.  The stainless steel will keep from corrosion and rusting and leaving marks on your arm.

Rolex Submariner Green Dial

Even though this isn’t considered a dive watch, at a resistant depth of 300m or 1000ft, it can easily go deeper than most other dive watches; except for the waterproof ones of course.  Since it has 31 jewels movement there isn’t any chance of electronic short outs, and will stay going even with no battery.  This time piece features a self-winding system that keeps the watch always going when the wearer is moving.

The Rolex Submariner Green Dial watch, unlike other watches, has a superlative chronometer which is officially certified.   Owning a Rolex isn’t just about telling time.  Collectors keep these as investments, these watches rarely, if ever lose their value; in some occasions the value increases.  There isn’t any other feeling than showing off a collection of Rolexes to another collector or horology enthusiast.  What makes this watch even better is the fact that is it a limited production and never worn.  Limited production watches, since they are made once and not again, usually gain value and become a better investment.

Even if you never get the supermodel or the Lambo, you can still get this gorgeous time piece as an accessory to be proud to own.

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