Showing Off a Swiss Watch Brands Logo

November 29, 2013

When you think about some of the most luxurious, iconic brands in the world, one of the first things that may pop into your head is what their logos look like. Logos are markings that, for famous brands, will instantly identify who they are. In the watch world, there are many a Swiss watch brands logo that collectors and fans love to see.  Rolex is among the most famous watch logos, but there are prestigious brands like Wenger, whose logo appears on the Wenger Swiss Military men’s 72908 Classic Field Blue Dial steel bracelet watch.


Shopping for a new watch can be hard work. One must consider quite a few things, including, size, color, material, brand and budget. Another consideration to keep in mind is whether you would like to have a prominent logo. Some watches, such as a Rolex, can be recognized by their classic style regardless of a logo. Other manufacturers create so many unique watches that a logo is a must.

For some people, it is very important that a logo be at the front and center of a watch. Sometimes, this is so that they can brag to the world that they have invested in an excellent timepiece. Other times, it is a way to start a conversation with other watch enthusiasts or curious viewers. For other consumers, it is a must that a watch’s logo be small and nearly invisible. For these customers, it is more important that a watch’s style, including its case, bezel and bracelet, be what does the “talking”, rather than a logo.

What kind of buyer are you? Do you want people who see your watch to instantly know what brand you are wearing because the logo is proud and bold; or do you want friends to come to the slow realization of what a nice piece you are wearing because the logo is inconspicuous?

wenger 72908

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Watch makers put their logos in different spots depending on the individual watch. For their 72908 Military watch, Wenger put their recognizable red and white logo just under the 12:00 position. The words “Wenger Swiss Military” are found below, announcing that the 72908 is a watch made of the highest quality and workmanship from a top watchmaker. The Wenger logo can also be found on the backside of the watch, engraved into case’s cover. Because this particular watch features a stainless steel band, the brand’s logo is not found there. For watches that feature a leather or composite band, you can often find another instance of a logo somewhere on the bracelet. When replacing the watchband of a watch that bears markings on the band itself, it is important to find a replacement with the same markings so that you can protect the integrity of the watch’s look.

wenger swiss military watch

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Now that you know more about why watches have logos and some of the ways those logos are placed, you can see watches in a different light. The next time you are perusing timepieces in a store or website, look at the placement of logos on different brands. You may find that you are not strictly a yes-or-no kind of person when it comes to logos. You may find that on some kinds of watches, you prefer that a Swiss watch brands logo be front and center, while on other styles, you would be happier if the logo was not so prominent. Either way, the choice is a personal one. In the end, you need to balance aesthetics with your desire to have it instantly known what brand you are wearing. As most quality watch brands are in the business of making wristwatches that look as good as they perform, you are sure to find that even when a logo is boldly displayed, it will still be done so in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

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