Stuhrling 395.33b11Review

August 20, 2014

Durability and Reliability

  • Many watches have different features that appeal to different types of people.
  • Stuhrling watches provide style and comfort for men who are looking for something basic yet has lasting, good quality performance no matter what the day brings.
  • The Stuhrling 395.33b11 features a stainless steel face and band.
  • It is a round watch that can resist waters up to 660 feet, making it useable for recreational divers.

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This 2013 model has a push button clasp that folds over to secure it on the wrist with a three-link bracelet.

  1. The dial is a matte black finish while the entire watch on the outer part is silver.
  2. The numbers are white against black so it can be read easily even underwater.
  3. It displays four of the main numbers along with lines to represent the numbers in between.
  4. The current day is featured and magnified near the four and five.


Stuhrling’s patented Krysterna crystal protects the dial and sticks out about 1 mm.

  1. This analog watch has Swiss quartz movement, meaning that it ticks rather than sweeps.
  2. The bezel is also stainless steel and is unidirectional.
  3. The Quickset date can display hours, minutes, and seconds in addition to the date.
  4. With the screwed down crown, it is able to become water resistant in an instant.


The benefit of stainless steel watches is that most of them, along with this Stuhrling model, are water resistant. It can be worn daily without any worry of damaging the look or functionality while walking in the rain, showering, swimming, or diving. Normally watches with steel bands might grab at wrist hair with spaces in between the links, yet this one avoids the problem. Even if it is made of steel, there is not much thickness in the band and dial, which makes it more lightweight than a normal; it is comfortable even while sporting a long sleeve shirt.

The Krysterna crystal has more strength than sapphire when spread over a larger surface area.

  • Compared to other crystals, they are more shatter resistant, and opposed to mineral crystals, they are more scratch resistant.
  • The glass protecting the dial will be difficult to scuff by accident due to the material used.
  • The quality of the Swiss movement makes this watch last about three to four years on average.
  • Due to the use of a battery, the owner will not have to worry about winding it or making sure the time is accurate on a regular basis (though of course all watches eventually lose some time).


The body of the watch is above average compared to others, though it sits on the wrist nicely.A few customers who previously purchased this model have complained that despite the material of the band, it seems less durable than it actually appears due to how light it is. It is appropriate for everyday use; however, the watch is fragile as a whole.

The original length of the band is 7 and ¾ inches, which means that some men with larger sized wrists will have to order additional links for it to fit.

  1. The links are rather large and are difficult to adjust for some.
  2. A few users have experienced that the spring-loaded bar that contains the buckle becomes loose whenever pressure is applied to the casing.
  3. To make it last longer, it may be best to simply wear this to work at an office instead of taking it for everyday runs.
  4. Unlike some other analog watches, the fact that this watch is battery powered increases its environmental footprint.

The Verdict

Many customers are overall satisfied with the Stuhrling 395.33b11. The battery-operated gadget leaves no room for worry when it comes to accuracy, since users will not have to wind it daily. The steel all around the watch secures it, even if for some people it is not heavy or durable enough to endure all events throughout the day. Even over time, the appearance does not dull and it a good price for the product. The benefits of this Stuhrling model generally outweigh the negative points depending on different preferences, especially with price. It is simplicity at its best while still providing reliability for daily use.

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