Stuhrling Skeleton Watch

January 24, 2014

Amazon ImageWatches are made in many fashions.  Not fashions as in trends, but fashions as in types.  Analog watches are one of the most intricate items in the world. The way that the watches are made is from extreme precision and perfect artisan-ship.  Each gear has to be the perfect size to work with another gear within the watch.

With a skeleton watch that is swiss made, not only does this concept still need to remain true, but also you can actually see the inside of the watch, how it runs, and how each part works together in a harmonious fashion.  It is easy to see that why skeleton watches are as popular as they are.  When looking at the Stuhrling skeleton watches it bring the whole thing to a completely different level.  Stuhrling is one of the top watchmakers in the world.  Their watches are well known to have a high durability and sophistication with the clear design all made into one.

stuhrling orginal man's classic winchester skeleton watch

—> Click to view a Stuhrling Classic Winchester Grand Automatic Skeleton Watch

What is cool about this watch and what makes it a perfect gift, as compared to other skeleton watches is that this one is a real skeleton type.  Other types have no face, but still have the back cover.  With this watch, you can see right through it, a very nice feature.  While it doesn’t have a true face on it, there is no place to have the date either so it is simply fashion, this time as a trend.  With the face being completely clear, the blue hands are a very nice contrast for telling time at a glance.

stuhrling aristocrat executive automatic skeleton black dial watch—> Click to see more details on the Stuhrling Original Men’s Aristocrat Executive II Automatic Skeleton Black Dial Watch

The actual structure of the watch is a stainless steel frame with the numbers milled into it.  This allows for high strength and durability, and somewhat ruggedness.    The watch does have depth resistance of 135 feet, but also has a leather watchband.  It is not good to get the band wet, so the water resistance is just in case it falls into the water.

A self-winding feature is great to eliminate the battery in the watch, as the person’s arm moves in a natural motion; the watch is being powered for constant use.  When the watch is not moving, it has been wound up so much that the power it created will sustain it overnight.  They are not the first people to use this feature, but it has become a standard one with analog watches.

Realistically, the watch has many of the same features as many other watches.  What sets this watch apart from many others is the craftsmanship that is maintained from the Stuhrling company.  With all of the Stuhrling skeleton watches they have the same basic form factor with different cosmetic features such as color, design, shape, and style.

Amazon ImageRegardless of whether you want the watch for the cool see through style, or for the Stuhrling name, or any other reason, the watch is a great investment.   Its skeleton design is a look that never fails to amaze and the name stands the test of time.  You can be sure that when people see the watch, it will bring a great conversation as well.  It is no Rolex, but it is still one of the coolest watches you can find.


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