Stuhrling Watch Quality At It’s Best

January 20, 2014

Amazon ImageWhen you think about quality, a couple different things come to mind.  How is the item made?  Is it made with quality parts and materials?  The other question is how well is it made.  Was it put together by a drunken monkey or was it put together with the craftsmanship of years of training.  These two questions in a matter of speaking define quality.  You have to have both parts of the equation to make it all work.  Even with the best parts, if you cannot put them all together then you still just have an expensive paperweight or after a while, that is what it will turn into. This is what makes Stuhrling such a wonderful watch, the materials and the craftsmanship make the equation complete.

With these two parts, in effect you can make some amazing things such as the Aquadiver Regatta Champion Professional Dive watch.  You can have the craftsmanship but this is where the materials all need to be top-notch quality such as found in the rolex sumariner green dial watch that we have reviewed or the water resistance cannot work.  The pressure of the water bearing down of the component will destroy it. Stuhrling watch quality is always in the forefront of their minds when creating any of their timepieces.  In the case with a dive watch, it must be made with materials that can take the beating from the saltwater.  With saltwater there is more than just the pressure from the depth.  You also have the salt itself, which will corrode almost immediately from oxidation.  That alone has the power and capability to destroy metal item and seals which will render a watch useless. With stainless steel, this watch was designed to come into direct contact with seawater.

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Stainless steel is a type of metal that does not rust or stain.  If you look at an older car, you can see rust spots in corners and other places.  This is made of steel as well but it is not stainless steel.  The appliances in some modern kitchens are which means they are more durable and hold up better. Regardless of whether it is the top of the line Stuhrling or their budget watch, the Stuhrling watch quality is there in each one.  The way they make each watch with the pride from top to bottom is what makes the company such a success.  With each watch, whether it is the Xtreme or Prestige line, the way the watch is made has been relatively unchanged since the beginning.

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Amazon ImageThe same attention to detail and overall quality makes the watches wanted by men and women.  When you look at the quality of the watch compared to a Timex, Casio, or other cheaper brand you can see how they are made.  There are many plastic and rubber components.  This is great for a nice looking modern watch, but this is why it is cheaper, the quality is not there. What it boils down to is where the bar is for the company.  Every watch has a buyer.  Some people want a watch that is cheap because they work in construction. Others need a watch that looks sophisticated to appeal to clients.  Professional divers need a swiss dive watch that will be able to deal with the pressure of diving. What you need to determine is whether you want a watch that looks great, lasts a long time, will hold up or all of the above; if you want all three then you want a Stuhrling.

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