Stuhrling Watch Reviews, Skeleton and more

August 13, 2014

I think the only person worthy of giving Stuhrling watch reviews is Max Stührling, the founder of Stuhrling Watch Company.

  • This man was one of the many pioneers of classic Swiss-made watches.
  • His company rose up the same time as those of Patek, Heuer, Piuet, Perrelet and many others.
  • He made it possible for many men of past and future generations to take advantage of the perpetual elegance of Stuhrling Original watches.

The revolutionary birth of Swiss-made watches happened in the 1800’s. People were not privy to the timeless (pardon the pun) value of Stuhrling mens watches at the time. Everyone was still getting used to the idea of a Stuhrling wristwatch over a Stuhrling pocket watch. One thing is certain; however, these watches made a statement. Watches are bought for the purpose of showing a man’s status.

By the turn of the 19th century, people were starting to demand more from watch manufacturers. Switzerland slowly became the leading producer of quality pocket and wrist watches. Stuhrling is one of those leaders.

  • The Swiss watch quickly became the go-to timepiece around the globe. Affluent citizens started placing orders of custom watches from various companies.
  • This paved the way for companies to start producing higher quality products with sleek and precise designs to reach a bigger market.

In the mid-1800’s, the manufactured watches were evolving in design. Watch faces were getting crowded due to the increasing add-ons and gadgets.

  • This, however, did not hinder any increase in sales. Customers loved the perpetual calendars, chronographs and moon phase indicators.
  • These features also increased a watch’s value.

During this period, Max Stuhrling gained prominence in the Swiss watch community.

  1. The Swiss Masters called him the “ghost watchmaker.” People asked, “Where are Stuhrling watches made?”
  2. He lived in an obscure village where the finest watches were made. Because of Stuhrling’s seclusion, people started calling him “the silent protégé” of Louis Ademars as well.
  3. Due to his reputation as a reclusive watchmaker, his colleagues failed to compensate him accordingly for his creations.
  4. This led to a scrimmage with an unnamed partner that led to Stuhrling injuring his hand.
  5. Although they tried to hide the fact, many people heard that Max could not make his timepieces at the same level quality as before.

best stuhrling watch

By the mid-20th century, there was no trace of any Stuhrling legacy left. Max III and Max IV, however, kept watch over the watchmaking industry.

Although they were not inclined to create the same watches their ancestors made, they made a point of studying every inch of the business. By the late 1990’s, Max IV was able to launch the brand name into the competitive market of Swiss watchmaking once more. Adhering to his great grandfather’s wishes for the watches to be made available to a wider audience, the family produced a company that made excellent watches that were accessible to most people.

Why are people so enamored with Stuhrling mens watch if it re-launched decades after its prominence?

  • The answer is because of Max Stuhrling’s legacy.
  • He wanted everyone to have high quality watches like the ones he made.
  • His family made it possible for more people to buy their product line.
  • Although the watches are meticulously handcrafted with the best materials, Stuhrling sold them for a fair price so that more people could take advantage of the beauty of these classic timepieces.

Stuhrling Prestige

  • One of the many Stuhrling designs out in the market is called Stuhrling Prestige collection.
  • The man who wants to walk out of his house feeling like a million dollars can opt for the leather-strapped Stuhrling Original Automatic Swiss watches like the Cuvette, the Kingston, the Accolade, the Laurel or the Maestro.
  • Even the name of each watch exudes a winner’s disposition.


Click for pricing on this beautiful Stuhrling 307L model

Many of the models sport distinct features like Alpha style hands, stick indices or leaf style hands.

  • Stuhrling watch bands come in various options like the Alligator embossed leather.
  • They also have common features like animated AM/PM indicators and quick set dates.
  • The less common features are the world time complication and Swiss quartz chronographs.
  • These watches are meant to be admired, but possessing one of these modern pieces of machinery will raise the bar higher for your high-octane lifestyle.

If I were to choose my first watch, I would pick a Stuhrling Prestige Kingston Watch.

  1. The Swiss-manufactured watch sports the original Stuhrling logo. The face is designed with individually applied Roman numeral indices.
  2. The Swiss quartz movement and analog display is encapsulated in a protective Krysterna crystal window. The case is made of stainless steel with a rounded and polished bezel.
  3. The strap is crocodile-embossed calfskin leather with a Knurl edge crown and tang buckle. The watch is water resistant up to a depth of 99 feet.

Reviewers were very impressed with the packaging and appearance. Many purchase it for gift-giving purposes. The size is just right and it exudes a clean and understated look. It is no wonder that this is the first choice of many watch connoisseurs. The brilliant Stuhrling automatic watch model 307L.33152 is very affordable for first time watch owners.

Stuhrling Tourbillon

  • Unlike the popular Stuhrling Prestige collection, the Tourbillon set is easy to identify.
  • They are produced with a variety of designs in mind, but one feature stands out.
  • Each watch has an open-heart tourbillion complication. This is evident in all of the Tourbillon watches.
  • The complication is designed as a window that shows the polished wheels and cogs that are in motion.
  • Although reminiscent of the fictional Steampunk era, Stuhrling automatic watches are more in line with modern fashion statements.

original stuhrling meteorite
Click for pricing on the amazing Stuhrling Meteorite 536.33×2 

The Stuhrling Tourbillon collection does not have any sports watches.

All watches are equipped with high quality leather bands or galvanized and brushed steel bands. If your particular taste moves you towards classic pieces with unmatched functionality, leather band Stuhrling Tourbillon watches can complete your wardrobe.

One of the many models on display at Amazon is the Stuhrling Tourbillon Limited Edition Saturnalia.

  • It is encased in 23k polished yellow gold with a double milled bezel and crystal sapphire enclosure.
  • The model 213T.333X2 has a limited edition two-hand movement and an open-heart tourbillon complication. The watch has a power reserve option for when the battery dies. This will give you enough time to visit watch repair shops for replacements.

It comes in a black crocodile leather strap with a gold-toned dual deployment clasp.

  • The watch is water-resistant for up to 165 feet. There are few reviews about this watch.
  • This might be due to its rarity in the market.
  • The people who bought a Saturnalia found the product satisfying in terms of design and performance.
  • The only complaints were related to its complicated instructions.


Stuhrling Skeleton Watches



An interesting collection of the company is the Stuhrling Skeleton watches. This set has more room for innovation when it comes to design.

  • Unlike the Prestige and Tourbillon sets, the Skeleton collection varies more in its internal design.
  • The variety in the wristwatch’s architecture makes it one of the most attractive collections of the Swiss watchmaker.

best skeleton stuhrlingClick here for pricing on the Stuhrling Wincester Skeleton

The Winchester 44 Elite watch one of the round-shaped stainless steel cases with a polished bevel.

  • The Arabic numerals float in place within the face of the watch.
  • You can see the cogs and wheels as well.
  • This statement is noticeable in any Stuhrling Original Skeleton watch. It also comes in a crocodile embossed leather strap.
  • Most skeleton watches have this bracelet option. Many reviewers found this watch to be very satisfying.
  • They love the overall design and its impeccable presentation.

The main attraction is found in its movement. This watch can function without a battery. The Krysterna crystal case is scratch resistant. It also water-resistant for up to 165 feet. Reviews found the 165B2B.33112 to be too delicate. The instructions are complicated so they need to be studied.


Apart from that, this model seems like the perfect decorative addition to any man’s outfit.

  • Skeleton watches may be attractive, but you have to be prepared to take the risks of owning an intricate designer watch.

Stuhrling Winchester Watches

  1. The Stuhrling Winchester collection offers Skeleton designs, but their most attractive designs are found in their animated internal machinery.
  2. The Winchester Revolution watch is a self-winding timepiece that is encased in stainless steel.
  3. It has a polished bezel and onion-shaped crown.
  4. The skeleton dial is made of silver and has a dual time-telling feature. It also has an animated sun and moon display.
  5. People who gave Stuhrling reviews did not regret purchasing this specific piece.
  6. They appreciate the polished finish and elegant design.
  7. Even though the watch looked expensive, they found the price affordable and gift-friendly.

stuhrling winchester grand automaticClick here for pricing on the Stuhrling Classic Winchester

It is protected by a synthetic sapphire crystal window. In the middle of the watch is a window to the internal machinery where you can view the cogs and wheels at work. Many people are looking for watches like the Stuhrling Winchester Revolution.

If you read Stuhrling reviews, many clients found that Stuhrling watch prices do not do their watches justice.

  • They were expecting to pay thousands of dollars, but found that Winchester watches were priced low.
  • This collection will entice timepiece enthusiasts who prefer radical over classic designs.

When it comes to quality, Stuhrling watches prices tend to confuse customers.

  • The low prices are not indicative of its lack of Stuhrling watch quality.
  • When the question, “Are Stuhrling watches good?” is asked, the Winchester Revolution is enough proof to say “Yes.”

Stuhrling Emperor Grandeur

  1. The Stuhrling Emperor Grandeur Original Men’s watches have a fitting name.
  2. The designs come in various brushed metal finishings.
  3. They are available in stainless steel, gold plate and rose gold.
  4. Some see rose gold as a feminine color, but the model we are about to discuss does not question masculinity.

best emperor grandeur watchClick here for pricing on the 127A.334553 Model

The 127A.334553 model is layered in a 16 k rose gold case. It has a skeletonized dial and faceplate.

  • Inside you will see the open heart tourbillon mechanism with its functioning wheels, gears and cogs.
  • It also has an animated AM/PM sun and moon display.
  • The watch comes in crocodile embossed leather bands that are attached using a dual deployment clasp.
  • It is water resistant up to 165 feet.

 The faceplate is encased in Krysterna crystal. The analog clock shows a dual time display. It also automatically self-winds. The double-milled polished bevel is stationary. The hands are Breguet-styled. Its bow style guard protects the rose gold-layered onion style crown.

Many customers appreciate the innovative dual deployment clasp.

  1. It is not something that you usually see – even in the most expensive watches. Stuhrling prides itself on this feature.
  2. The watch also has a 60-hour power reserve in case you need time to find a professional to change the battery.

The Emperor Grandeur has proved itself worthy of its name because of its regal presentation and disposition.

  1. Most customers choose this piece because of its elegant design.
  2. When asked, “Is Stuhrling a good watch brand?” people tend to hem and haw for the answer.
  3. All you have to know is that it may not be as expensive as a Patek, but it is worth every penny and more.

Stuhrling Tuskegee

As far as watch prices go, the Stuhrling Tuskegee Convair Watch breaks the mold. The simple timepiece is reminiscent of the need for a quality watch to sport in the great outdoors. It is not your regular sports watch. It is made of polished stainless steel and is encased in a protective Krysterna crystal enclosure. This covers both the front and back.

the aviator tuskegee warhawk

Click for pricing on the Tuskegee Warhawk Automatic 


The faceplate is decorated with stainless steel Arabic numerals with a date window at the three o’clock position. The leather strap, unlike many of their watches, is made of matte leather. It can be closed with a steel tang buckle. The watch is water resistant for up to 165 feet.

The Aviator Tuskegee numerals are topped with Super Luminova.

  • This produces a brilliant sheen of semi-reflected light even in the dark.
  • The plume style hands are also covered in the same material.
  • Some found that the face seemed larger than originally advertised.

A Stuhrling Original watch review once said that the masculine design is to their liking.

  • The leather strap is sturdier than most watches and it can withstand even the harshest conditions like rain, sleet and snow.
  • Many customers chose to give it as a gift to their sons or younger brothers.
  • This is also one of the most affordable watches in the Stuhrling collection.
  • It is suitable for men of all ages, but the simple accent gives the wearer a more youthful look.

Stuhrling Apocalypse

  1. The Stuhrling Apocalypse watch collection is much different from their classic designs.
  2. These are purely sports watches designed for men engaged in active lifestyles.
  3. Their water resistance is ultimately stronger.
  4. The durability of their bracelets and bands are more reinforced.
  5. Most of them are made of silicone and ceramic, but some designer items have leather bands.

The Special Reserve Apocalypse watch is one of their best-selling pieces.

  • It is layered with a brushed rose gold finishing.
  • The window is made of protective Krysterna crystal.
  • Inside, you will see that the faceplate has a brown textured dial.
  • It also has a chronograph function with date complication.
  • Rose tone square markers are placed separately to signify the numerals.
  • An Arabic numeral 12 is evident as well.
  • A generic fold can attach the brown textured silicone rubber strap over the safety clasp and button.

160f2.33551 watchClick here for pricing on a neat Stuhrling Apocalypse watch 

The beauty of the Stuhrling Apocalypse Reserve is that it is water resistant up to a depth of 330 feet.

  • This is perfect for outdoorsmen who frequent bodies of water like rivers, streams and even the ocean.
  • The 160.3346K59 has a black bevel with gold toned rivets.
  • The right side of the watch has a black crown that has two pushers.
  • The rose gold hands are luminous enough to reflect a little bit of light even when it is dark.

The face contains three chronograph sub dials for 12-hour, 60-second and 30-second displays. The dials are covered in synthetic sapphire crystal for added durability. Stuhrling watch reviews for this item varies. Women love the color combination because it suits them and their male counterparts. Some customers complain that it is heavy. Because of the various materials used, this is expected. Apart from that, people who bought this are quite satisfied with its design and performance.

Stuhrling Regatta

  • The watch that has not been discussed is their steel-banded collection – the Stuhrling Regatta Champion from their Aquadiver collection.
  • The Aquadiver collection is Stuhrling’s famed water sports collection.
  • They are designed to cater to the needs of high-powered water sports enthusiasts and recreational scuba divers.
  • The majority of the watches have steel bands or silicone bands.
  • The main takeaway from getting a watch of this caliber is its ability to withstand a depth of about 660 feet.

The Regatta Champion is a round stainless steel dive watch.

  1. It has a unidirectional and ratcheting bevel with 20, 30, 40 and 50 second/minute markers and indices.
  2. The classic Stuhrling logo is prominent on the dial.

the aquadiver champion regatta by stuhrlingClick here for pricing on a Aquadiver 

The steel band is actually a three-link bracelet. Many watch enthusiasts because of its durability and flexibility prefer this design. The Regatta also has a Swiss quartz movement display. The analog clock features a date window and luminous numerals and markers. The band can be closed using a push button clasp with safety.

The overall design incorporates a matte steel texture.

  • The sword style hands are skeletonized and covered in luminous material for easy viewing in the dark.
  • Many Stuhrling watch reviews commend the makers in their attention to detail.
  • Although the watch is designed for adrenaline-inducing activities, it is still wearable during formal occasions or as a daily accessory.
  • Women admire the watch, which was specifically designed for men. Its elegance and size is not an issue for many.

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