Swiss Legend 10541 Review

November 3, 2013

When choosing a watch, there can be several factors that come into play.  It could be for the quality of the piece or just the looks of it.  Most watches have one or the other, but only the best have both.  There are two types of watches; a watch and a timepiece.  Only the best can be classified as timepieces, the Swiss Legend 10541 can be in that category.  Let’s find out why.

When you look at the body of the watch, it is a nice, big, and thick body.  While it’s not encrusted with gold or diamonds, it still has a very masculine, classy look to it.  It’s not too flashy, but not so boring you wouldn’t like it.  The face of the watch matches the brushed stainless steel to perfection.  Inside the hands have the hour, second, 30 minutes, and 1/10 of a second sub dials. There is also a date indicator located on the number 4 with an arrow etched into the face pointing to it.  The bezel is stationary and screwed down, but even the screws are nicely colored and don’t look like cheap fasteners.  The movement is Swiss Quartz that has long been known to be extremely precise.  The sub dials have light gray numbers which are luminous but don’t last that long, even on a fully charge from the sun.


With a case diameter of 46mm and a thickness of 14mm, and a weight of just under 5.5 ounces, it is a bulky watch, but after a while the feeling becomes as natural as wearing nothing at all.   The dial window is clear and has a high visibility to it, it is also very resistant due to the material known as the Sapphitek crystal, which is very similar in terms of scratch resistance to the sapphire crystal.  One of the best features of the watch is the resistance depth.  This timepiece has a resistance depth of 200m or 660ft.  To give a better idea, 660ft is 1/8 mile, certified advanced deep water divers have a limit of 140ft.

Different people like different kinds of bands.  Some like a metal clasp, others like convenient Velcro.  This watch has a silicone band with a plastic buckle.  At this point you may be thinking that a timepiece this nice should have something a little more sophisticated than that.  Typically that would be correct, however, this is a dive watch, and as such made to be in the water.  A cloth band would mold, a metal band would corrode.  A silicone band will do neither, and the plastic buckle stays closed at all times.  The width of the band is oddly sized so getting a replacement may require going through Swiss Legend themselves.

There are other dive watches on the market.  Some are even digital, have moon phases, and do all kinds of different tricks.  What sets this piece apart is the fact that you can go from work, to the water, to a nice dinner and never have to change accessories.  It truly does fit all situations with ease.  Unlike other timepieces, such as Rolex, this one is not only fashionable, but inexpensive enough to buy and wear.

Overall the Swiss Legend 10541 has all of the features of a well-functioning, visually appealing time piece.  It does what it was designed for and tells the time and does it with style and grace.  It may not have all the bells and whistles of a more digital age watch, which could be a deterrent for some, this watch wasn’t made to have all of those features.

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