Swiss Legend Watches Review

July 27, 2014

The Legend Swiss brand is a name that has become synonymous with quality and resilience.

  • A relatively recent company, it began its operation in 2005 with a goal in mind: to create a new design that retained the elegance and class of older watches, while meeting the needs of modern style.

This Legend type watches review will examine a few specific models.

  1. The company produces over 2,000 different watches, each with widely different functions, features, and designs.
  2. As a brand, these watches are so popular for two reasons – their scope allows people of all interests to purchase a watch, and as far as high-end luxury or high performance timepieces go, they are quite cheap.
  3. Legend Swiss watches prices generally range from just under $100 to $250 (when found on a third party website offering discounts).
  4. Men and women alike can find a design that fits their personality, whether they desire a highly functional contemporary piece, or a beautifully crafted accessory.
  5. Their mens watches are someone more abundant, but of course, if the style fits the predisposed gender is not necessarily important.

As most the watches review posts will attest, the most important and impressive aspect of these pieces is the quality of their movements.

Only high quality Swiss movements are used.  The Swiss standard has a legally defined minimum requirement; products are not permitted to bear the Swiss name without inspection and confirmation of their craftsmanship and origin.


One of the more notable types of watches offered suit a specific purpose – diving.

  • The  Trimix and Neptune models have specific diving variants, though nearly all of their products have some degree of usefulness for divers.
  • Many higher-end watch manufacturers offer specialty devices like these.
  • Even those who do not require a diving watch may find one useful, as they are obviously water resistant; there is no need to remove them in fear of water damage.
  • Of course, it may be more feasible to purchase one a non diving-specific watch in such a case.

Each model is designed to fit a particular style or need.  Read on through this review to learn more about top pieces such as the Commander, Tungsten, and Planetimer.

Trimix Diver

  • The Legend Trimix Diver (Model number: 10542-01-WA) is great for most recreational or hobbyist divers.
  • It is able to withstand water depths of up to 660 feet.
  • Even highly experienced advanced divers will generally not exceed 150 to 200, making this watch ideal for any non-professional diver.
  • The casing is made of stainless steel, which is highly resistant to water corrosion – as is silicone, which makes up the band.
best trimix diver watch

swiss legend watches – trimix

Click for pricing on this Trimix Diver

As any diving watch should, this model is equipped with an extremely accurate chronograph that can be used to keep track of passed time while descending.

  1. Using Swiss quartz movements, it is accurate to individual seconds and will measure up to thirty minutes.
  2. It also keeps track of the date and day of the week via a third dial at the six o’clock position and a well-placed, unobtrusive window near the four o’clock position.
  3. Another useful property of this watch for divers is its luminosity.
  4. As light can become fairly scarce at deeper levels, a watch that glows in the dark or at least has a backlight is absolutely necessary.

When purchasing a Trimix Diver cost is not prohibitive by any means.  

  • From Amazon, it is below $100, with an included five year limited warranty.
  • This particular watch has a womens counterpart (10535-02-BLKA) which is slightly smaller and thinner.
  • Many other styles are available as well, such as the rose gold casing and face model (10542-RG-01-BB).
  • The entire line displays Arabic numerals, undoubtedly partially to facilitate quicker recognition in a deep-sea environment.


  • As possibly the cheapest Legend mens watch available, this unit is a popular contender in the company’s lineup.  Despite not being advertised in its name, the Commander (model number 10067-01) is also resistant to the effects of depth compression.
  • It affords divers the same distance at a lesser price.  The primary difference lies in its design, as even the materials are quite similar: stainless steel and silicone for maximum water resistance.

swiss legend commander wtch 10067 Click to view the pricing on the Commander 10067-01

Commanders are, in general, more refined and stylish in a modern fashion, as opposed to the older utilitarian look Trimix watches.  This model makes efficient use of its space, showing the minute markers on the surface of its casing while the hour markers are displayed in a pale luminous green beneath the scratch resistant Sapphitek crystal.  This leads to less clutter for the day dial and the date counter (still in the 4 position).  The chronograph is designed in the same way, with just as much accuracy as the previous watch.

Due to its immense popularity, a sort of “sequel” to this line was born: the Commander II (10068-GM-01).  Void of a chronograph, this watch costs $20 less than its predecessor costs and exhibits all other features.  Due to the generous amounts of space from withdrawing the stopwatch functionality, more interesting and visible second, minute, and hour hands are used.  Most other original Commander designs also have a corresponding Commander II piece.


  1. While the previous two watches were very similar in design and purpose, the Planetimer (model number: 20028-YG-02S-BL) has a much slimmer minimalist design.
  2. Its cost ranges between $50 and $100 on average, with its materials making up for what it lacks in functionality.

best planetimer is the 20028

Click for the priciing the Best Planetimer

In terms of utility, there are three significant differences.  Firstly, this timepiece is only resistant up to water depths of 330 feet – still enough for the average diver (and certainly the casual swimmer), but nonetheless half that of the “diver” lines.  Second, there is no chronograph to speak of on any variation, which clearly establishes this watch as classier and fashion-oriented.  Finally, this design is not luminous, making it a poor diving companion.


Aesthetic design is, of course, a matter of preference.

  1. The first element one might notice on this watch is its complete lack of numerals; instead, there are four tiny sapphires to mark the two, five, eight, and ten positions, along with the company’s symbol at the twelve position.  Some find this to be cumbersome, while others appreciate the exclusion of bulky markers in favor of a more open and attractive design.
  2. Another important element that identifies this series is the texture on the face.
  3. It is much more visible in the more recent vibrantly colored red model (20028-BB-01-RD).
  4. Flatly textured watch faces usually appear uninteresting, especially with such a lack of positive space.
  5. However, for units of this collection, the texture is sharply contrasted with flat colors for the band.


  • Next up in this Legend Swiss watches review is a return to diving watches with the Throttle (10028-BKBRA).
  • Acting as an intermediary step between the last two products, buyers can expect safe operation of this unit up to 330 feet under water.
  • Unlike the Planetimer, however, the Throttle comes with all of the other features of a dive watch: luminous numbers and dials to provide vision in low-light situations; a chronograph, able to measure in minutes, seconds, and even tenths of a second with long-lasting accuracy; and finally, a return to scratch resistant Sapphitek crystal (as opposed to the previous mineral crystal).

best throttle swiss watchClick to see the pricing on the Throttle watch 10028 bkbra

The Swiss Legend Throttle watch is definitely bulkier in all aspects.

The face is made smaller to accommodate a larger surrounding circle, which houses aesthetic marks which could potentially be used for a quick estimation of time.  The dials on the side are small in comparison, showing that the designer took care not to subtract from the flowing shape of the body.  Though larger both in detail and in actual size, its durability is not quite so impressive; the band and casing are made from ceramic, which is definitely more fragile than stainless steel.  There is no such thing as stainless ceramic, which means more care must be taken to keep it clean as well.

Color schemes for the greater part of this line are contrasting to allow for easier viewing of numbers.  Some are slightly thicker and surround the face more.  Otherwise, each one is mostly the same.


  • Swiss Legend Karamica watches are another line of ceramic pieces.
  • These models primarily serve as fashion accessories.
  • Designed mostly for women, each one has a distinct elegance while still maintaining a decent price at around $110.
  •  Considering the materials used and the high-class design, this cost is impressive.

The white and silver model (20050-WWSR) uses a combination of stainless steel and ceramic for the casing, providing a beautiful white base with masterfully placed silver accenting.

  • The roman numerals (which are used by all variations) and hands are contrasted with the iridescent mother of pearl dial, providing an all-around light and majestic feeling.
  • As it is a Swiss Legend ceramic watch, durability concerns are high; it should not be used during rigorous activity, and especially not in an environment where it could be stained by food, liquids, or smoke.

karamica collection white and silver womens watch

Click for pricing on the 20050 WWSR Collection Karamic Watch

Like other examples in this swiss watch legend review, despite its status as an aesthetic watch, this Karamica is water resistant up to 330 feet.  In this case, it is more applicable as a generally waterproof accessory.  It lacks a chronograph, luminosity, and durability, making it a poor choice for divers.

One issue some may have with Karamica watches lies with replicas.

  1. Units of similar shape, size, materials and colors are frequently sold at low-end retail stores and online.
  2. Anyone with knowledge of timepieces, however, would be able to easily distinguish the two.
  3. Karamica is simply of far better quality, and once again, it bears the characteristic Swiss Quartz movement.


  • Despite what is suggested by the name, Swiss Legend Tungsten watches are not actually made of tungsten.
  • The stainless steel casing takes on the color of tungsten, giving it the desired appearance but not raising the cost by several hundred dollars.  As before, the combination of silicone and stainless steel drastically reduces the rate of tarnishing when worn in water.
  • This is one of the most expensive examples in this Swiss Legend watch review.
  • It may also be the company’s smallest line.  The red and black version (SL-18010-05) is the most sought-after and thus most expensive.

best silicon watch that is swiss made Click for pricing on the sl 18010 tungsten silicon watch

Considering the cost, the fact that this watch boasts the most functionality is not surprising.

  • It is a less secure model than some others, only operational up to a depth of 330 feet.
  • The chronograph measures down to a tenth of second and utilizes a unique numerical display for the seconds measurement.
  • New to this product is the tachymeter along the outer edge of the dial; these numbers allow one to arbitrarily calculate speed or distance traveled and apply the ratio to any unit of measurement.
  • Despite its lack of depth resistance, this function is extremely useful to divers who wish to gauge how quickly they can ascend or descend in order to properly ration their oxygen supply.
  • Finally, it also features luminous display elements on the dial.
  • All of these properties together make the Tungsten line fantastic choices for recreational divers.


  1. Last of the Swiss Legend watch reviews is the diamond watch.
  2. For many models of Swiss Legend diamond watch components replace cheaper, more fragile and less attractive parts.
  3. There is no specific “diamond” line, but rather a diamond variant of others – primarily Karamica.  Usually, they are considered diamond-accented rather than purely diamond.  However, there is one Karamica model that is heavily adorned with diamonds: the Karamica White High Tech Ceramic Watch (20052-WBKS).

karamica ceramic diamond watch


Click for pricing on the Karmica 20052 Swiss Watch

Considering that the face of this watch is covered in 1.84-carat total weight diamonds set on stainless steel, the anti-reflective sapphire window is entirely necessary.  In some lighting situations the dial may blend in with the hands, but generally the light and angular shadows cast by the diamonds provides strong contrast.  Design-wise, this women’s watch is simple yet attractive; the diamonds, offset by the dark gray band and unobstructed by numerals or chronograph dials, draw attention with their radiance.


Since diamonds are the strongest natural material on Earth, it is only proper that the band of this watch is tougher as well.

  1. High tech ceramic is a harder and more scratch-resistant material than normal ceramic, yet it retains its texture and look.
  2. This option does include some familiar features, such as luminosity and medium-level water depth resistance, however it is quite clear that it was meant to be a fashion-oriented accessory.
  3. Altogether, these watches cost nearly $500, making them the most expensive option on this list.


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