Swiss Watch Companies Are As Popular As Ever

November 27, 2013

If you were asked to name some of the most famous, prestigious watch manufacturers in the world, there would no doubt be quite a few Swiss watch companies on your list, including Rolex, Cartier, TAG Heuer and Victorinox. Interestingly, many of the top Swiss watch-making companies have been perfecting their art for hundreds of years. What is so special about this area? How have some of these companies been able to achieve such success? It may have something to do with the country’s well-established stance of neutrality.

These days, it seems like new watch companies are sprouting up everywhere. Easy access to technology, especially the Internet and low-cost labor, is allowing for more new startups than ever before. While there are certainly new watch brands that offer the newest, most advanced technology available, these ingenious gadgets may be worthless to you if what you seek is a classic, practical timepiece that concerns itself more with function than flash.

Switzerland has a long-known stance of neutrality. This means that the country does not consider itself an ally or enemy of any other country in times of conflict. Many hypothesize that the country’s ability to stay out of war has allowed it and its people to prosper and advance without pause, whereas other nations have been their lands and people uprooted and devastated. This is quite an achievement when you think about the fact that Europe has faced more than its fair share of wars than last century.

One mistake that many new watch buyers make is that they focus too much on price when they go shopping. While there are certain situations when price should be a main consideration, this is not always the case when it comes to watches. The old adage, “you get what you pay for”, is as true for watches as it is for anything else. Look online and you will see that there are watches that cost as little as a few dollars to those that cost several thousand. Obviously, the two kinds of watches cannot be compared, so how do you decide what is appropriate to spend on a wristwatch?

victorinox 241178The first thing you need to do before hunting for a new watch set a budget. How much can you spend? Rather than think about the minimum, try to focus on the maximum. It is understood that some of the most expensive watches in the world are undoubtedly some of the best, but not everyone has the money to afford these types of luxuries, and there are plenty of watches that do a commendable job at a much lower price. One such example is the Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick II. A smart-looking watch that features a black, rubber bracelet and a durable, stainless steel case, the Maverick II is a watch that can be worn in both casual and professional settings. Aside from its good looks, this watch is extremely accurate. This may seem like an obvious thing to point out, but the fact remains that some watches that cannot make this claim. Depending on the industry in which you work, precision and punctuality may be paramount, which means that you need a wristwatch that will not lead you astray.

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As you can see, while price is definitely a measure of quality, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars in order to find a watch that looks and performs with the utmost style and precision. When perusing watches and considering which will find a new home on your wrist, make sure to explore the many options offered by revered Swiss watch companies.






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