What Makes Stuhrling Watch Prices Affordable

January 21, 2014

Amazon ImageDifferent watches have different price points as we had reviewed in other posts.  Just like anything, you have to factor in how much it costs to make to determine how much to sell it for.  If it costs a lot to make the price will reflect that.  You also have to take into account many different factors that will go into the watch price.  These would include company infrastructure, insurance, warranty, employees, machinery, research and development, marketing, advertising and many more.

While one watch cannot possibly cost enough to pay for everything by itself, the watch company will still have to have some sort of profit in the mix.  If you take a watch brand such as Rolex, the watch has a markup of about 68% from its build price.  If you look at the watch company itself, the name is unmatched.  The quality is superb and the name is known worldwide.  Does it really have to have that much of a markup, probably not.  In some cases, the watch will price itself out of certain social status categories to be in an elite class all in its own.

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Amazon ImageOther companies still make a very nice watch, some even make the same quality; however, they want all people to be able to wear their name on the wrist.  These companies, such as Stuhrling that make the coolest skeleton watch, are still pricey for some people but not as bad as others.  If you look at the Winchester XT Automatic Skeleton watch, it is a $500 watch.  For some people that is a car payment others it is a day at the office.  This watch has all of the characteristics of a high-end watch made by a high-end company; it is marketed to a wider range of people, which in turn will allow more of them to be sold and resulting in a higher profit margin for the company.

If you have to sell one watch to make up for millions invested, that one watch would sit forever.  Sure, someone may buy it just to say they own it but it could be decades before it sells.  When you can sell a massive amount of watches the price can be brought down, as in the case with Stuhrling watch prices.  This company wants everyone to be able to wear the watches they create.  This is also why they have many different styles to accommodate all types of budgets and people.

stuhrling 858L.02 silhouette—>Stuhrling Original Men’s 858L.02 “Octane” Concorso Silhouette Stainless Steel and Black Leather Watch with Blue Dial

Amazon ImageSince the days of digital watches have come out, more and more people have gone to them because of everything they can do.  The inside is a computer chip that is programmed.  The cost to make is virtually non-existent.  It also means that cheap digitals are made to use and throw away.  Not like the high-end analog watches.  These are still made the same way they were back in the day.  Granted, more technology is used in the making of them, but they are still crafted to be a precision object and that takes time and money.  If you want only an elite class of people then you will find the prices have to be higher but most companies know if you make a watch people can afford, people will buy it and then you can have a great watch with a great price.

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